Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

The First real snowstorm of the year hit us with the beginning of the new year! Yesterday Richard surprised me with a drive out to a nature center we love to visit. He sat inside the nature center, comfortably settled in a ladder-back rocking chair situated beside a roaring fire crackling away in a beautiful stone fireplace. This is what I did:

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40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

    1. We have a window ledge, too. I’ll have to get some bird food. That way I can watch them from my living-room window! Glad you like the photos. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Yeah, we got dumped on! But at this time of the year, it is still beautiful. (AND, my son and his family live in P’burgh, so we get there fairly often . . . or at least intend to do so!)

      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. You would have loved it. The lodge is nice, warm, cozy, romantic with many large windows looking out over the property! Hahaha. And here I am, the one who strongly dislikes cold (STRONGLY) traipsing around in it and R couldn’t drag me inside! But we both enjoyed ourselves immensely. 🙂 (Although Florida sounds pretty good right now as I gaze out at the snow squall outside my window.)

    1. Thank you, gobetween. I often wonder about the animals in winter, and how they fare being out of doors. I happened to arrive at feeding time for the birds. For every shot I got, there were 10 that I missed. Glad you like the collection. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. in our summer heat, and our endless lack of snow it is hard to imagine those little birds surviving the snow … good to see a feeder helping them out 🙂

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