92/365 Photo Challenge 2015

92/365  Foggy morning in a mountain forest.
92/365 Foggy morning in a mountain forest.

We spent the first days of Passover with friends in Pennsylvania, which is why I have not been posting daily photos. This photo was shot during the morning hours on the day we drove to our friends’ home.


76-77/365 Photo Challenge 2015

IMGP7289 IMGP7304

I keep telling myself that photographing something–anything–every day for an entire year will help me become a more proficient and creative photographer. I am beginning to have my doubts. But I’m sticking to it. Mainly I’m tired after a long day’s work and find that I just grab the nearest item and start shooting in the hopes of getting something half-way presentable. Maybe when I am able to spend more time outside I will get some good stuff to post here.

I’m off to bed now. Sweet dreams everyone. 😉

75/365 Photo Challenge 2015

IMGP7271 IMGP7286

These were yesterday’s photos. I posted them in FaceBook was too tired to post them here before going to bed last night. So here they are. And now I’m a day behind because I have nothing to post for day 76! MAYBE I’ll come up with something in the next couple of hours (but doubtful….I’ll just post two photos tomorrow.)