60/365 Photo Challenge 2015


I wasn’t in the mood to go out in the snow . . . again . . . to shoot another snow picture. As beautiful as the snow is, too much of a good thing is simply so much. Instead, as a last minute thought, here is a shot of my snow gear: boots, coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Did I miss anything?


53/365 Photo Challenge 2015


The weather was warm enough today (up into the 20’s!) to go to North Chagrin Reservation. Walking the paths, breathing the fresh air, watching flakes dance in the air all made for a wonderful outing. To top it off, I came upon these snow people situated in a stand of evergreens. Perfect!

36/365 Photo Challenge 2015


Not a good photo. It’s what I had today and to be honest, I’m just too tired to work on another submission. But then, not every photo is a winner. This scene is our backyard in the aftermath of the big snow storm. I hope to do better tomorrow. Nite all.