55/365 Photo Challenge 2015


Seashells fill the base of this lamp. I collected them through the years while on vacations to the Outer Banks.


A River of Stones: Day 16

Studies ruled the day. Read, interpret, write, read some more. Keep the eyes open. Keep reading. Must post the discussions tonight. Write Write Write. APA style. Academia demands it. Check the course room. Read some more. Don’t stop now. Keep reading.

I’d much rather study roses.

A River of Stones: Day 13

The Power of ‘Nice’

Last night my husband took me to my initial visit with my new doctor. That was nice.

On the way up in the elevator, we struck up a conversation with an aide. Richard mentioned he’d like a cup of coffee, was there a coffee machine anywhere around? “No,” she replied, “everything closes after 5pm.” As we sat in the waiting room about ten minutes later, the same aide walks in with a cup of coffee for Richard, just the way he likes it. That was nice.

Today I walked to the super market to get groceries for our Shabbos meals. I walked through howling winds, whipping snow and frigid temps. I purchased the food and walked the ten-minutes back to our apartment. Just a few minutes from our place I hear a voice, “M’am, M’am.” I turn to see if he is talking to me. A man, with a woman beside him, calls to me from his car, “You look like your struggling to walk in this snow. Can I give you a lift anywhere?” I am almost home. I express my gratitude but decline his offer. I smile for the first time, I think, today. That was nice.

I walk up the sidewalk and the grounds keeper is busily snow blowing the walkways. I move as if to walk around him, but he stops, “Take your time. Be careful. Don’t rush on my account because I’ll be here all day anyway. Watch your step now.” That was nice.

It is so easy to forget the power of “nice” when we get wrapped up in our days and our worries. Yes, so simple, but there is indeed power in “nice.”

A River of Stones: Day 12

Paid a visit to my new doctor today. The body is aging and telling me so. My knees are giving me fits. Maybe I need surgery. My ears feel stopped up. Maybe I need a hearing aid. My eyes aren’t so good. Maybe I’m going blind. My weight is inching upward. Maybe my thyroid is out of whack. My height is inching down. Maybe I have osteoporosis. My brain is working slowly. Maybe I’m getting dementia.

Nice to meet you Doc. Let me tell you about my problems.

Doc: Um hmm. May be you need some exercise and a healthier diet.

River of Stones: Day 11

Rain, you are here again. You came uninvited. Rain, drop by drop you flood the already saturated ground.

I look out my window in despair . . . no, not despair, it’s boredom. Boredom with the same-old-same-old. But I’m holed up inside anyway. Fever is subsiding. Headaches continue to bother. Homework awaits completion, so Rain, do what you must. I’m inside for a while anyway. When the sun chases you away, maybe I’ll be ready to again venture out beyond my lair.

Rain, must you visit us so often?

A River of Stones: Day 10


The aches and the chills attacked me today. The head throbs as I re-read the paragraph for the tenth time at least: “. . . neurotransmitters that have been implicated most often . . . noreprinephrine, seratonin, and to a lesser extent, dopamine. . . . found in large concentrations in the limbic system . . . etc. etc. etc. etc.”  Ugh. Turn to the meds. . . . Ugh. Is all of this necessary? My body, mind and soul longs for peace and quiet, butterflies and flowers, a gently rippling brook under a large willow tree with its long tendrils dipping and dancing in the water. Or, in lieu of that, I want to crawl under the blankets and hide from the world. Can’t do the reading for now. Don’t want the meds, the vitamins, whatever, either. Mindful meditation and relaxation, yes. That means I’m headed to bed. Sigh. Yes, that’s the ticket!

A River of Stones: Day 9

Quiet descends as he leaves. Breakfast still sits on the table . . . and in the sink. Coffee cup is now empty. Daily chores await. No animal stirring. I sigh deeply. This glorious day is now mine! Time to play! 🙂

A River of Stones: Day 8

Ah Ms. Moon, are you wooing us to gaze at you tonight? You romantic thing, sending us your soft light, have you come to tease us a bit? Are you trifling with other lovers in other places, or are we the only ones to tango with you on this night? Uh, Ms. Moon so beautiful up in that sky! Do you flirt like this with everyone you meet, or have you saved your coquetry just for my lover and me on this crystal clear night?