Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal



Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I posted this shot a while back, and it is still one of my favorite photos. Hope you like it. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This week’s challenge is to post a photo that we shoot today. No going back in the archives to retrieve a ‘great’ shot, rather grab the camera, go out and take photos now! On some days this is quite a challenge. One wants to show off his or her best work, and some days just don’t cut it! Today however, even though it is overcast and rainy, I hit paydirt! There is a LOT of activity going on outside my dining room door on the deck where I keep a homemade bird feeder and birdbaths. These birds get quite aggressive when it comes to their food and their baths! Enjoy!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I wish I could claim responsibility for this shot, but it belongs to one of the kids. This is my granddaughter (about two years ago) reaching for her mother, my daughter-in-law. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

See Weekly Sunday Post: Light

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Looking through my living room window!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

I’m a little slow with this challenge but here it is. I shot this photo a couple of years ago while visiting my daughters and their families in Chicago. Can you find the “hidden?”