Monthly Photo Challenge: Urban Seasons/Cleveland, OH — February, 2016

This month was more challenging than I anticipated. Due to work schedule and other obligations I was unable to get into the city to photograph. However I was able to drive through a park on my way home from work one evening and took time to enjoy the winter wonderland. I hesitated to post in this forum because it wasn’t really the “urban” challenge I set for myself. But in lieu of city shots, I am posting these images of a metro-Cleveland park. After all, even urban areas have parks and forest areas set aside for human enjoyment and relaxation/rejuvination. A bit late, I know, but all shots are in the urban Cleveland area during the month of February.  Enjoy.


Please feel free to comment/critique/suggest ideas. Hopefully I will be able to shoot more urban looking photos in March. Have a great month everyone!

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60/365 Photo Challenge 2015


I wasn’t in the mood to go out in the snow . . . again . . . to shoot another snow picture. As beautiful as the snow is, too much of a good thing is simply so much. Instead, as a last minute thought, here is a shot of my snow gear: boots, coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Did I miss anything?

Monthly Photo Challenge: North Chagrin Reservation — February

North Chagrin Reservation continues to be my favorite retreat from the busyness and intensity of my work. I stroll the pathways, and occasionally forge my own paths. And although I never leave home without my camera, I go to this place to soak in the fragrances and sounds of forest and ponds. Animal life is abundant, and on those occasions when I sit, listen, observe, and just be mindful, wildlife shows itself in its beautiful wildness. Often I don’t even shoot my camera. (More often, though, I do!) As little as 30 minutes in this beautiful setting renews me on all levels. There are numerous parks, all beautiful, in this area. There is even a really big lake (Erie…hehe), but North Chagrin Reservation is where I go to be revived. And I visit this place quite often.