49/365 Photo Challenge 2015


I’ve gotten into the habit of putting a stick of cinnamon into my coffee. I love the flavor and it has nutritional value, too. Try it. You may like it!


A River of Stones: Day 30

A morning routine disturbed makes Cecelia a cranky woman! I try, really I do, but quiet time to myself, coffee at the ready, peace and quiet, personal reflection and prayer–this is my morning ritual. Has been for years. Today however, not so much: to the clinic for blood work after a 12-hour fast, no coffee, no quiet time, no food. Once the task is completed I walk across the street and through a huge parking lot to the mall to have my first cup of coffee for the day, find a table and set up my studies. To my complete dismay however, the mall does not open up as early as I do. No coffee, no internet, no nothing. In the quiet I think I’ll read and wait. The stomach alerts me to the fact that it has lost patience with me and it starts demanding food. I wait in discomfort. A call from my husband, he¬†cares that everything is going ok for me, only irritates me. I’m sorry, honey. I keep waiting. FINALLY, now at 9:40 am lights start popping on, people start stirring around, fountains come to life, customers appear from thin air, and the coffee is brewed. Star Bucks to the rescue! Ahhhh… now I can sit with the garish music in the background, the sound of bubbling water in the foreground, and study to my heart’s content. ūüôā

River of Stones: Day 4

Sleepy eyed and groggy, early morning rituals guide her. Stumbling to the kitchen, early morning darkness giving way to early morning sunrise. Water boiling, kettle whistling, coffee brewing, aroma wafting, early morning rituals guide her. Prayers said, hands washed, eyes open, mind alert . . . somewhat, it is JAVA TIME!



Good Morning!

Shot from my bedroom window this morning, as I lay in bed no less! And this is with no embellishment!

Then when I walked into my living room and looked out the door, this is what I saw. Again, no embellishment.

Then, as I sipped a freshly brewed cup of coffee, I browsed through some of my photos and this is some of what I saw.

I am totally in awe of G-d’s handiwork. ¬†Totally.

Nice way to begin what promises to be a very busy day.  Hope your day goes well and that you, too, will have ample opportunity to enjoy the awesomeness of life and living.