35/365 Photo Challenge 2015


A cold winter day. It is now nighttime and the snow continues to fall. Thankfully we are warm and snug inside our cozy little bungalow. Stay warm, y’all. 🙂


River of Stones: Day 5

Crunch. . . . Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. . . . Crunch. . . . Crunch.

Hard boots crash into frozen snow. Cold bites the nose. Wind whips hair and scarves into a frenzied mess . . . and steals a hat here and there.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

River of Stones: Day 3

Muted colors. Winter colors. Stark cold . . . Brutal. Yet, beautiful, mesmerizing, hypnotizing. I abhor the cold. But I could not tear myself away. The solitude, the beauty, the crispness, the silence invited me to stay a while.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

The First real snowstorm of the year hit us with the beginning of the new year! Yesterday Richard surprised me with a drive out to a nature center we love to visit. He sat inside the nature center, comfortably settled in a ladder-back rocking chair situated beside a roaring fire crackling away in a beautiful stone fireplace. This is what I did:

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River of Stones: Day 2

A cold January morning. Snow fills the air, swirling, dancing, at times pausing, moving to and fro as it drifts to the ground. Blanketing the earth in a white quilt of drifts forming hills and valleys, quietness descends and all watch in wonder and awe.