Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement


I’ve manage to prevent squirrels from getting to the birdfeeders for three years now. Last week I looked out my window and saw that the little critter finally got past the barrier. ACHIEVEMENT!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your Favorite Image


I know I’m late to respond to this challenge, but better late than never! Choosing a ‘favorite image’ is a daunting task. I have thousands of images to browse through and those images are spread out over two hard drives. So I settled on a favorite fun image, one of many that were taken in our previous abode. There the squirrels brazenly came to my window ledge every day begging for food. And being the person that I am, I almost always obliged! As you can see, they had no qualms about begging me for more.



I’ve been posting a lot of photos of birds, chipmunks, flowers, and even a deer or two since we moved into our new home. I was asked today if I still saw or photographed squirrels. You may remember that when we lived in the apartment prior to buying our home, squirrels visited my window on a daily basis. Well, I still have squirrels just not as plentiful as before. But the ones that do come to our yard and deck are delightful to watch. So here are some recent photos of our new squirrel friends. Enjoy. 🙂

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Sunday Post: Shelter


This little fella appears to be seeking shelter from the cold, winter snows. What do you think?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

This furry visitor LOVES suet! S/He indulges in the delicacy any and every chance possible. It is funny to watch the birds gather around, perched on nearby branches, watching and waiting for their chance at this food which was originally intended for my feathered friends. If this squirrel weren’t so cute, I’d be chasing him/her off. But we’ve become friends, so much so that when I open the window to chase him/her away, s/he will jump to the window ledge instead and try to come into the house. One day soon I hope to get a shot of the two of us staring at each other, nose-to-nose, through the window.

I know what this squirrel likes to indulge in! What about you?  What is your favorite indulgence?