Monthly Photo Challenge: Urban Seasons/Cleveland, OH — February, 2016

This month was more challenging than I anticipated. Due to work schedule and other obligations I was unable to get into the city to photograph. However I was able to drive through a park on my way home from work one evening and took time to enjoy the winter wonderland. I hesitated to post in this forum because it wasn’t really the “urban” challenge I set for myself. But in lieu of city shots, I am posting these images of a metro-Cleveland park. After all, even urban areas have parks and forest areas set aside for human enjoyment and relaxation/rejuvination. A bit late, I know, but all shots are in the urban Cleveland area during the month of February.  Enjoy.


Please feel free to comment/critique/suggest ideas. Hopefully I will be able to shoot more urban looking photos in March. Have a great month everyone!

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21 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: Urban Seasons/Cleveland, OH — February, 2016

  1. Everything looks so beautiful when it’s covered with a fresh batch of snow. It actually looks like that here this morning.
    My favourite photo would be the one of the bridge – I just really like bridges 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne, it was a magical hour of walking through the woods. We’ve had an abnormally small amount of snow this year so I was delighted to get these photos before the month ended. Thanks for stopping by. (Bridges are one of my favs to photograph, too.)

  2. You are making me miss winter! I originally hail from Chicago and more recently New York before I set sail to travel the globe. Haven’t seen snow since 2012 and really miss it. Lovely images.

    1. Sounds like you are on a magnificent adventure! Enjoy!!!! Glad you like the photos. We really haven’t had much snow to speak of this year so when this one came I was happy to be able to get out in it for a bit. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. From someone who lives in the country, a city park is definitely on the edge of urban and, well, not urban. I especially like the bridge shot. A good analogy for what city park aim to do – bridge the rural and the urban.

    1. Thanks. My heart is in nature photography. I chose this subject this year to stretch myself. I’m finding it quite challenging to get into the city to shoot photographs, so when I came up empty handed this month I chose to go ahead and publish these images of one of the many city parks throughout the metro-Cleveland area. I like the bridge analogy.

    1. Hi Joleene, Glad you like the photos. We only got two snows like this all year, and both were gone within days. Very unusual year here. :-/ Thanks for stopping by.

  4. So lovely to see a proper snowy scene – we have had no snow at all again this year, just lots of rain 😦 I quite like a crisp white landscape to look at, if not to endure!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Twice we had somewhat nice snowy scenery this year, and neither lasted very long. Glad I was able to get these images while it lasted.

  5. Judging from these images- and previous ones of the city- I think I’d enjoy visiting one day! And I miss snow!

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