Gone to the Birds!

I need to be studying. The nearer I get to the end of this quarter, the more pressure to produce papers and discussion posts and peer responses . . . and more. But today is beautiful. The sun is shining–a rarity in this part of the world!–and now that the squirrels are finding food elsewhere, the birds are beginning to come around. They are more difficult to photograph because, unlike the squirrels, they are not used to my presence through the window and they dart away the second I come into view. But that is ok, because I have to study anyway. I don’t have time for birds. REALLY, I don’t! . . . Well, maybe a shot or two, if I am quick enough.

Hours later, I simply had to close the blinds so that I could get some work done. The birds and the sunshine were simply too distracting. I didn’t get many shots although I tried. Of the shots I did get, I doubt that any would win awards. But here are a few of the best. Maybe in the coming days the birds won’t  spook so easily when I decide to snap their portraits. 🙂



Inquiring glance . . .

As you know, I put out bird seed at the beginning of the winter in hopes of attracting birds to my window sill. But to my dismay a squirrel showed up instead. I’m not complaining though, because the little fellow endeared himself to us with his daily visits and cute antics, many of which I caught on camera and have shared here. My furry friend has not been around for the last few days, however. Quite to my surprise, a few birds have flitted here and there, taken a few seeds then flown off. This morning, I happened to have my camera and caught this gorgeous guy looking at me as if to ask why I was there. I was only able to get one shot before he flew off. Thankfully I had the camera set on automatic. So, here is the photo for your enjoyment!