Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I like to be creative when I participate in the photo challenges, however sometimes it is best to just be straightforward. I had a wonderful visit with my family over the Thanksgiving holidays. Unfortunately, with all of the pictures we shot, not one included the whole family. NOT ONE! What were we thinking? We were so busy talking, hugging, laughing and simply enjoying being in each other’s presence that we failed to shoot more formal shots that included everyone. I did however, get one shot of the three kids and myself which I will post here. Of course, the kids are all adults now, but still “kids” to me. Others assure me that they will forward photos my way, so if I have an inkling, I may add photos to this post at a later date . . . maybe. But here is a photo of my three children and myself. There were many many more family members around, but this represents my most immediate family. (We didn’t even get a photo of Richard and me!!! What were we thinking!?! Missed the photo of each of the children’s families as well. Oy vey . . . )