Sunday Post: Christmas Trees . . . . but I don’t “do” Christmas Trees

I completed graduate school on Friday. So I am jumping back into the blogging world with both feet and shouting and singing Glory Glory Glory! Sooooo…. thinking I would pick up with what was formerly my regular Sunday Post, I checked out this week’s assignment, and lo and behold it is “Christmas Trees.” Well, I would do something Chanukah-ish, but we have already done that this year. Instead here is a photo of a wintery scene that I hope will pass muster for this assignment!  (Yay! I’m back!!! A more thoughtful, reflective post about the past three and a half years of following a dream is soon to come!).  Enjoy your holidays whatever they are, stay safe and stay warm. 🙂




Autumn Has Arrived

This morning I looked out our living room window to see this little critter huddled next to the screen. It’s bushy tail curled around to hide its head as if to say “I’m hiding here where no one can see me.” I watched the tree branches sway with the breeze and noticed the clouds overhead. This looks to be a dreary day indeed. Of course this is to be expected especially if one lives close to the “big” lakes as we do. Lake Erie is less than thirty minutes from our door, and I hear that the winters here are brutal. I try not to think about that though. Staying in the present moment, I force myself to consider what wonderful things await me on this chilly autumn day? Ugh. The positive approach just isn’t working at the moment. I feel like the little critter-squirrel on our window ledge this morning. I want to pull the covers up over my head so that no one sees me.  I want to snuggle in warmth. On the other hand, I also want to explore more of this new environment in which we now live. Maybe the sun will come out a little later. For now I’ll take another cup of coffee, watch the trees sway and the leaves dance as they drift to the ground. I’ll make this a good day. I will adapt to living in the north. I will discover beauty even on a cold Autumn day. . . Or I’ll curl up next to Pele, my faithful cat, in my favorite fuzzy warm bathrobe, with a good book and read to my heart’s content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Silver Spring, MD–2010

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.  If so, you are about to view thousands upon thousands of words in their most glorious form!

This will be the last of the cherry blossom tree photos I publish. . .I think!  Too much of a good thing becomes too much.  As you can see from my most recent blogs, I love this time of year.  Cherry blossoms are the first to bloom in the spring, and spring is my favorite season of the year.  Once these trees have blossomed, other blossoming trees begin to strut their stuff! 🙂 After a long, cold winter, the beautiful colors of blossoming trees and blooming flowers chase away the grays and browns that have dominated our landscape long enough.  Life anew.  Cycle of life.  While each season offers lessons and beauty, spring is the season that births hope, life, youthfulness and joy.  If I haven’t said it enough, I’ll say it again: I love spring!