Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I have never “settled down.” We have been nomads our entire lives, living in many houses, in various neighborhoods, and in numerous states.  My husband lived in many countries as well.  When the photo challenge for this week was “home,” I wasn’t sure how to photograph that concept.  Do I photograph a house? a place? what?  What is “home” to me.  As I perused my photos to get ideas I came across this photo of our Chanukia fully lit on the last night of Chanukah last year.  It occurred to me that home to us is more about who we are than it is about where we live.  Our rituals and customs are our connections to family and community where ever we live at any given time.  A house is a house is a house. I’ve learned to “love ’em and leave ’em.”  Home is our heart, our beliefs, our family, our groundedness.  Rituals connect us to our ancestral values.  Home is a spiritual place and experience for us. Home is where the heart is.

On the other hand, this little critter’s home is very much tied to a physical environment.