Five Question Friday: September 23, 2011

Good morning. Another Friday has arrived so this must mean Five Question day! But before I go there, I am taking a moment to update you on what’s going on here. As many of you know, Dad had an abdominal aneurism rupture earlier this week. He did make it to the hospital~in the nick of time I was told last night~and a procedure was performed to fix the many leaks of blood into his abdomen. We thought all was fine, but he continued to lose blood so last night another procedure was performed to fix more leaks that were discovered via CT Scan. The surgeon expressed concern that there may be even more leaks that he was unable to reach. Dad is resting now but if he continues to lose blood, surgery will have to be performed, probably on Monday. As my brother relayed to me last night, “Dad is in a fight for his life.” ~Those are not words a daughter wants to hear. The next days will be telling and there is a real possibility (probability) that I will be heading to Louisville on Sunday. If I disappear from the blogosphere for a while, you will know why. Blogging is therapeutic for me so I may stick around anyway, who knows. . . At any rate, if you are a praying person, or believe in a higher power or the power of positive thinking or nothing at all, I would appreciate positive thoughts, well-wishes, and sincere prayers on behalf of Dad, Mom, too. This is extremely hard on her. They have been together just shy of 60 years. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Now, on to our questions of the day:

1. Dream job…realistic and completely unrealistic.

Realistically speaking, my dream job is what I’m preparing for right now: Mental Health Counseling. Sometime in 2013 I will become a Licensed Clinical Counselor and then will start working on certification in Art Therapy, Spiritual Direction and Counseling, and any other creative arts that will enhance the counseling aspect of what I do. These are exciting (and draining) times as I pursue my dreams! The unrealistic dream job is to become a world-traveler/photographer writing about and photographing exotic places, cultures and people for National Geographic. 🙂 Now wouldn’t that be fun!

2. Do you fart in front of your significant other?   I don’t know where they come up with these questions, but some of them are crude and I choose not to do crude. So let’s try this one from “Reflections of a Wild Artist” at When you consider your life in the overall context of the tendency of species to come and go, and the distinct possibility that humans too will someday disappear, what is important in your life, your accomplishments?

I am once again reminded of the importance of family and close friends in our lives. Relationships form the threads that bind the experiences of our lives into a tapestry. Relationships are not necessarily accomplishments, but that which helps mold the person we become, the conscience that guides us, the spirit that compels us to love, to care, to create, to do, to be. As for accomplishments, I am tempted to say raising my children. But somehow that is not “my” accomplishment. Rather that is also about relationships and cultivating a parent-child relationship in which we both work toward growth, maturity and accepting personal responsibility and accountability in adulthood. In that sense, my children and I have done a respectable job! What have I accomplished? I will have to think about that one. Everything I “accomplish” is done in relationship. So maybe that’s my accomplishment: cultivating wonderful relationships with many people of many backgrounds. …… The response to this question could go on and on, but I think it’s time to stop for now….I would love to hear your responses, though.

3. What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home? How far and where was it?

Hmmm…. My first thought is Nicaragua. I really should write about that experience. Maybe I will work on a blog about my travels to that country in the future. It is certainly the furthest culturally from my home. Miles? I’m not so sure. I’ve been to Hawaii and that’s a lot of miles (also distant from my cultural home~go to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a fascinating look at the many cultures of the Pacific Islands.)

4. How do you celebrate birthday for your kids? Family only or friends? … Alternate for those without kiddos: How did you celebrate birthdays as a kid?

When the kids were young, it was usually birthday cakes, gifts and maybe a few friends. We never did the over-the-top children’s parties. As a twin, we primarily had family gatherings but when we did have friends over, we celebrated with two cakes, a boy cake for him and a girl cake for me. 🙂 Richard and I don’t do a lot for birthdays or special events. I have discovered that the daily affirmations of respect and love outweigh~by far~occasional cards that express what we express to each other daily. Having said that however, we do remember those days, and wish each other a “happy birthday” or anniversary. We have made a point of giving donations to special charities on birthdays and anniversaries. In a matter of weeks we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and we are planning to do a few special things for our religious community and certain charities in celebration.

5. Fave thing about fall?

Undoubtedly my favorite thing about fall is the vivid colors! I enjoy the air becoming crisper and brisk(er) with the fall season, but the colors are a feast for the eyes and as a visual person, I love it, despite the fact that autumn ushers in winter.

Soooooo. . . That wraps it up for this week. 🙂 I look forward to your responses. Have a great weekend and week!  Next Friday I will be celebrating Rosh Hoshannah so I won’t be around for Five Question Friday. That holiday begins the Jewish New Year, so to all my Jewish friends, L’shana tova tekaseiv v’teichaseim l’alter l’chaim tovim u’l’shalom ~ may you be written and sealed for a good year, for a good life and for peace.