Five Question Friday: August 5, 2011

Hard to believe that it is that time of the week again.  This week the questions are a little tamer than some from the past, but they are interesting none-the-less.  So, take a look, take the plunge and publish your answers, but most of all, enjoy the read!  Have a great weekend everybody! 🙂

1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?

I am the oldest of four.  I also happen to be a twin, but my brother was born five minutes after me. He teases me about being the “old” lady.  In good sisterly fashion, I clobber him (we love each other, can’t you tell 😉 ).  Two years later David came along and joined the fun, and he is fun. Lastly, two years after David, Gary was born.  Sadly, a few years back Gary died of sudden cardiac arrest.  But even with his physical absence, he continues to be thought of and loved by us all. Fortunately our family has been spared the vitriole and rivalry that many families experience.  We love each other dearly. That makes me happy.

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?

Definitely slightly over weight. Being too skinny is uncomfortable and hard to maintain. I am definitely in rebellion against the anorexic look that has become so popular.  Not healthy.  If I have to choose, I choose pudgy. I like a little meat on the bones.

3. What’s your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?

It has been years since I’ve been to a state fair.  But I do have wonderful memories of food, specifically cotton candy and corn dogs smothered in mustard.  AHHHHH.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  I can taste it.  mmmmmmm

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?

Well, seeing as it has been years since I’ve had kids in school, I don’t think about it.  I do think about the days when I was teaching at a small parochial school.  I loved it, loved the kids, loved the creativity in the classroom.  I miss that.  The end of the summer was always a bittersweet time for me.  I hated to see the summer come to an end, but at the same time I was filled with anticipation of a new school year and the activity it generates.  So for those of you who are busy getting your kids ready for a new school year, enjoy!

5. Pool or Ocean?

DEFINITELY ocean!  Ocean Ocean Ocean.  Have I made my point clear? Ocean. 🙂

My Man!

See y’all next week! 🙂