Lover’s Quarrel

It appears that Cardinals have one mate, maybe for life but I don’t know that for sure. Recently I have paid close attention to two Cardinals that appear to be a couple. Each watches out for the other and if one is at the bird feeder it will call the other one to come enjoy a morsel or two as well. The male Cardinal appears to be protective of the female Cardinal, at times shooing other birds away when the female is at the bird feeder. But all is not bliss. One day I watched as what appeared to be a lover’s quarrel ensued! They did not chase each other off, but they were certainly animated in their discussion with each other as they went back and forth, vigorously fluttering wings and cawing the other. Both seemed intent on getting in the last word. One would fly a short distance away but would immediately return to continue the ‘discussion.’┬áSee for yourself!







Evidently she had had enough!