Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

Well, this is not a very pretty or dreamy photo, but it certainly makes the point. If I come up with a better one this week, I’ll be sure to post. But for now, don’t you just love the cone flowers, daisies and lazy susans? And what about those new peonies in the back there? The azaleas near the deck are just lovely, wouldn’t you agree? And the fragrance of that russian sage near the bird feeder is absolutely heavenly!  🙂


All Good Things Must End My Friends.

No, I’m not closing down this blog. The good thing that is ending is my three-week break from courses. This morning the classroom once again lit up as another quarter begins. This time however, I expect a more sane and reasonable work load. Last quarter just about did me in but now my toughest courses are behind me and I’m heading down the stretch to practicums and field work (to take up the entire year 2013).

As a last hoorah before the new quarter, Richard and I took a quick trip to Kentucky to spend a few days with family and friends. Other than the brutal heat (temps in the six digits each day we were there) we relaxed and enjoyed the time we had with Mom and Dad and others. I came back with a car load of plants to beautify our yard. Enjoy some of the photos I shot while in Kentucky. If the plants take root, this will give a hint of what we look forward to next year.

Enjoy your weekend. And for those of you in the US (especially central and eastern), stay cool if you can.

My potted garden thrived even while we were away!
We came home to find our first two ripe tomatoes! Yum.
The beginning of our Kentucky garden in Ohio. 😉