Deja Vu

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons of the year.  The heat doesn’t bother me so much, probably because I grew up in a hot, humid southern climate.  Growing up in the small rural town of Greenwood, Louisiana, we had a Mimosa tree in our back yard.  One reason I love our present home so much is that we have a Mimosa tree here, too, and it is located in the same spot in our backyard as the tree in our yard in Greenwood.  That tree was a wonderful climbing tree, and all four of us kids spent hours up in the Mimosa.  For a few weeks each summer, pink fuzzy blossoms filled its branches.  Lovely.  Anyway, when summer arrives, I find myself watching our tree for its blossoms to appear.  Mimosa blossoms come late in the spring, not early like Cherry Blossoms or Dogwoods.  When the Mimosa blossoms appear, I am inevitably taken back to my childhood summers.  Big, fat bumble bees love the blossoms, and the bees were a common sight around the trees.  I noticed that about our present tree, and remembered.  Today, I shot pictures of our tree loaded with Mimosa blossoms.  I was a child again, excited about the summer that lay ahead.