Today’s Hot! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot)

It is too hot to go outside.  WAY too hot.  I wanted to get some shots for this week’s challenge however, and my daughter’s photo prodded me to go this route.  We have an indoor/outdoor thermometer. The top number is the temp out on our balcony, the middle number is the temp inside our apartment, and the bottom number is the time of day (in this case morning).  We are headed for another scorcher!

But, I also have photos of flowers that were shot in July–oranges, reds and yellows–all hot colors. Soooo, I’m sharing those as well:

Personally, I can handle “hot” flowers much better than “hot” temperatures.  I hope you are managing to enjoy your summer, and finding ways to keep cool!



Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

Remember the song from years ago, “Baby, it’s cold outside…”?  Well that song keeps going through my head, but with a slight alteration.  There is no snow, but the heat…well…baby, it is definitely hot outside.  I really don’t care to write about the heat wave we’re having.  Weather is so blasé;  overdone.  But, weather is what is on everyone’s mind, at least in this area.  So, it’s hot outside.  Happens every summer, without fail, as long as I‘ve been alive.  Big deal.  Every summer some heat related record is broken.  Today another one bites the dust as the temperature reaches past one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.  If that bothers you, stay inside.  Yes, it’s dangerous out.  I get that.  If staying cool is a problem, visit a bookstore, coffee shop, library, shopping mall, or go to a movie…all sorts of places can provide air-conditioned comfort in weather like this.  Despite all the grumbling, mumbling, groaning and complaining, I still love the summer heat.  Richard does not.  He feels about the heat in summer the way I feel about the cold in winter.  Believe it or not, I will go outside and sit in the heat for a bit when the air-conditioning gets to be too much.  Air-conditioning is unnatural, and it feels “awkward,“ not normal. I love hot weather.  That does not mean I’m going to stay out in it when it reaches the danger zone, like today…code orange.  I have a healthy respect for the hot weather.  Enjoy it, but also know when to get out of it.  I learned from my years as a life guard when we periodically had to close the pool due to extreme heat.  I know that sounds strange, but the closure was oftentimes for the safety of us guards; we were the ones sitting in the sun all day watching you folks frolic in the water.  More than one life guard has collapsed from heat exhaustion, or suffered sun poison.  My guard days were years ago.  I can’t remember the last time I was in a pool.  What a pity.  We have other ways of cooling off now.  Today Richard and I drove to Border’s bookstore, sat in their comfy chairs in air-conditioned luxury, and read and wrote and stayed cool.  Heard on the radio coming home that tomorrow things cool off a bit: high in the mid 90’s.  By Tuesday, we can expect a cold-front, and temperatures plunging into the 80’s.  What do you expect?  It’s summer.

p.s.  On a serious note, this really is dangerous heat.  Do you have elderly or disabled family, friends or neighbors?  This might be a good time to check on them to make sure they have plenty of water, and are staying cool.  If you have acquaintances who do not have air-conditioning, maybe you can round up some fans for them, or invite them out someplace where everyone can enjoy some relief.  Know the signs of heat stroke, heat exhaustion or sun poison,  and call for medical help if you need to.  I joke about the heat with my husband, friends, and in this blog, but extreme temperatures are no laughing matter.  Stay hydrated.  Stay cool.  Be knowledgeable.  Check on each other.  Enjoy the summer!