Assessments, Tests and Measurements!

Oy vey . . .  The title of this post is the name of the course that is giving me fits this quarter. Ugh! I am not a “measurement” type person. Until this course, I was perfectly content to leave the numbers and measurement stuff up to my husband. He’s the scientist. He measures everything, no exceptions. Every book he reads, house we look at, movie we see, etc., Richard will grade. Seldom does anything get an “A” in his book. When asked how he comes up with the grade, Richard will go into great detail about how he figured the numbers and assessed different values to measure an outcome that results in a grade. I kid you not!  He offered to tutor me in this course to which I replied, “NO NO NO!” He is a good man but when it comes to discussions about anything of this sort, he just can’t “dumb” himself down to a level that I understand. I am a measurement impaired person. I will probably have to go to the university tutoring site to get help (like today.) Although befuddled and confused by it all, I readily admit the importance of this particular course. In my field of endeavor, assessments, tests and measurements are essential in the process of diagnosing a problem. In addition, the ability to accurately and ethically use assessment instruments is addressed in the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics, and is required within the managed health system. Now I could say a LOT about managed care, but that is for another blog. As I was saying about assessments et al., use of the proper tool in the proper way for the proper results benefits future clients’ best interest. So I need to learn this stuff, even if it is turning my brain into a pretzel! So, back to the books I go!