A Post for MOM!

Yes, Mom, you are getting your very own post today. Hooray! 🙂 The reason is quite simple. You see, I have gone on and on about the beauty of the fall season here in northeastern Ohio, and I have raved about the brilliantly colored leaves on the trees just outside our apartment windows. I’ve even tried to email photos to you so that you get a glimpse of the beauty I peer out on each day. But, you and I both know (Dad, too, I guess) that email has not cooperated and you have yet to enjoy some of our beauty. I know that you, too, are having a beautiful fall, but “ya gotta see this!”  Our apartment is small, and Richard and I keep bumping into each other. Cooking in our tiny kitchen, especially since we keep kosher, is quite a challenge. But when you see these photos you will see the single reason I chose this apartment over a larger apartment that was also available at the time. Richard left the decision up to me, and I have not regretted the choice (mostly.) Enjoy the photos, and remember, they don’t do justice to actually seeing the fall foliage through our windows and walking among the leaves on our many strolls through the apartment complex.

the window beside my desk -- sometimes it is an inspiration, sometimes a distraction!
Outside our bedroom windows!
The Dining Room window!
The Living Room view!
LR and DR together.

That covers every window in our apartment. The following are a few more miscellaneous photos, but all were taken from inside our abode! 🙂

Yes, those are bananas reflected in the glass from our dining room table. I decided to leave it in the photo! 🙂

Mom, I hope you enjoyed the photos. There are hundreds more both from inside our apartment and from our strolls outside. Dad, I hope you enjoyed these shots, too. I don’t mean to leave you out, but this has been an ongoing “Mom-Daughter” conversation. I love you both and am happy to share some of the beauty that graces our lives. 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (2nd time around!)

We have finally made it to our new place in Ohio!  The apartment is much smaller even than I remember, but I think we can squeeze in and be comfortable till we find a more permanent place.  On the way here, we stopped at several rest areas.  One in particular nestled in among a magnificent stand of trees (possibly on the edge of a forest.)  While taking a walk with the cat, I thought of this photo challenge and shot a few frames that I thought turned out rather well.

As an addendum, the following are photos from every window in our apartment.  You will know why I chose this apartment over a much larger one (which looked out over a parking lot!)

Our bedroom window -- when the furniture arrives in about an hour, our bed will go right beneath this window so that we can look out on this each morning.
Small bedroom/our office -- sweet
Dining room window, 1st morning in apartment
Living room, taken when I first woke up our first morning in the apartment.