Weekly Photo Challenge: Oceans

Well, I don’t live near the ocean, or at least not so near that I make frequent jaunts to the shore.  This challenge requires some creativity.  I have photos of oceans of flowers, oceans of fields and forests, oceans of books, etc.  If one thinks outside the box even a little bit, one can come up with a multitude of oceans waiting to be photographed.  As it turns out  however, I didn’t wander too far from the literal meaning of the word “oceans”. . .but I did wander.  Mothers’ Day 2009, one of my daughters flew me to Chicago to spend the weekend with my children and grandchild who live there.  Mothers’ Day was glorious and a trip to “that big lake” by Chicago seemed in order.  Following are a few snapshots recording our time at “the ocean.”  Enjoy.