Five Question Friday: or not . . . November, 9, 2012

Fridays are coming around sooner and sooner! The weeks are flying by with ever-increasing speed  . . . or so it seems to me. This was a busy, action packed week for sure. The VOTE dominated the thoughts of many of us living in the USA, and maybe many of you living abroad, too. We/I worried that this election would be a long, drawn out process, possibly keeping us in suspense for days and weeks to come. Instead the election was decided before midnight, and thankfully both candidates were gracious in acceptance and defeat. Whether your candidate won or lost, hopefully we can move forward, working together to address the problems facing this nation. Onward and upward!

I have chosen not to answer the 5QF questions this week. They are all about childbirth and a woman’s experiences giving birth. Actually, having a daughter and a daughter-in-law who have had C-sections, and a daughter who had a vaginal birth, each experiencing giving birth in her own unique way, not to mention my experiences giving birth three times, I can see where the questions would lead to some very interesting, dare I say “poignant,” discussions. The men however, would be totally left out of the mix. And many men read this blog. If you are interested in the questions for this week, I encourage you to click on the badge at the top of this post where you will then be whisked away to the site where the questions are listed. Enjoy. You may want to post them to your blog.

So, now what do I do? Since I have a paper waiting to be written (and due on Sunday), I will beg off this week but plan to return next Friday to answer five provocative questions! (hopefully) 😉

Have a great week. Find ways to relish life. See you next Friday.


Five Question Friday: November 2, 2012

Good afternoon! First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with the folks who were affected by Sandy. She was a fearsome storm that was felt even here in Cleveland, OH. For those who have lost loved ones, homes, prized possessions, please accept my condolences. If there is a bright spot to be found amidst the devastation, it is in how neighborhoods have rallied to help their residents, often stranger helping stranger. Support the American Red Cross because they are the ones who know what to do and how to help when natural disasters strike.

Following are the questions for this week. Have a go at it if you like.


1. What terrifies you the most?

The thing that terrifies me the most is the possibility of losing someone I love and being helpless to do anything about it.

2. Favorite fall/winter drink?

I am an avid coffee drinker. I have started my day every morning for decades with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I like to put a cinnamon stick in it to add just a hint of spice to the flavor. I drink it year around so I don’t really know if you could call it a fall/winter drink. In fall and winter I will occasionally have a cup of hot apple cider which is also very tasty!

3. Do you and your spouse have the same political views?

Yes, our views are similar. We both have a strong sense of social justice and concern. It pains me to see the vitriol in this country that is directed toward the young, the old, the minority, the unemployed, the sick, the ‘other’ whoever the other is, etc. I just don’t get it. Social conscience is not socialism, it is caring for those who fall on hard times, or who are sick or in need. I blogged about this a while back, Homeless in D.C. My husband and I are both concerned about the radicals who dominate the headlines anymore. When we stop caring about our neighbors, or lending a helping hand to those in need, we are headed for a fall.

4. What was the last book you read? Was it any good?

I’m not sure you want to know. Everything I read anymore is very academic. The last book I read was about Existential Therapy. It was excellent, I loved it and I learned a lot. But is it a book I would recommend? Only for others in the counseling profession. I can’t remember the last “fun” book I read. Hmmm…. not good.

5. Do you look forward to the snow each winter? Why or why not?

Not really. I grew up where the weather was sultry hot. I miss it. I hasten to add though, that when I lived in New Hampshire I loved the snow. Cross country skiing was a favorite activity. People there knew how to play in the cold and that makes a difference. Where we live now, we don’t play so much. And the cold temperatures seem to bother me more now than they use to. So, give me the hot lazy days of summer any time. 😉

That’s it for another week.

Five Question Friday: October 26, 2012

I’ve been so busy I forgot it was time for Five Question Friday! The fall colors are just past their peak, so I’ve been out shooting lots of photographs before the color is gone and winter sets in. I hope you have enjoyed the Autumn weather and colors as much as I have. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I can’t wait to see some of your spring pictures. 🙂

Here are the questions. Enjoy!

1. Who wakes up in the morning with the kids, you or hubby?

Many years ago when my children were still living at home, I was the one to rouse the household for the day ahead. I used to resent it at times. I wanted to stay in bed along with everyone else. Besides, I didn’t like being grumbled at when tussling one’s hair or nudging a shoulder and “cheerfully” encouraging each one to get out of bed, greet a new day, and get ready for school or work! But now I would give anything to wake them up again each morning and see those sleepy-eyed babes. Some blessings are not realised until they are gone. Sigh. Now they are the ones waking their families each morning and life continues on.

2. Do you watch the World Series even if your team isn’t in it?

No. We don’t usually watch sports on TV. Besides, we are hikers and prefer the sport of camping and exploring nature in nearby parks and arboretums. I do hunt . . . but only for shooting photographs.

3. What is the best compliment you have received?

I’ll have to think about this one. I respond to those compliments that value me as a person, or my abilities and capabilities the most, as opposed to compliments on how I look or what I own. One recognizes the person within, the other only sees appearances and/or possessions. There is nothing wrong with complimenting someone on a pretty dress, or how nice they look. But the best compliments, the ones that mean the most, are those that show appreciation for the person. Hmmm….I’ll try to keep that in mind the next time I pay someone a compliment!

4. Do/did you dress up to take your kids trick or treating?

Ahhh… another “no” answer I’m afraid. Even when my kids were wee tykes and all living under our roof, I did not dress up with them. It was hard enough work making/creating/whatever costumes we could gather for them. I will look for old photos to post here. Some are real gems!

5. Do you have a favorite bible verse? What is it and why?

The following has to be my favorite. Read and you will see why.

“I charge you: Be strong and resolute; do not be terrified or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1.9

There are many portions that mean a lot to me, but this is the one I go to when the “going gets rough.”

I look forward to reading some of your responses. AND, may this be a fun and glorious weekend for you. See you next week. 😉

Five Question Friday: October 19, 2012

Well this has been a week! I officially joined the “60” crowd yesterday so there has been some celebrating about that. Tuesday we slipped away to spend a few hours at the lovely Holden Arboretum. Leaves are in full color and the weather was perfect. Otherwise, we went about our business as usual!

Now on to the questions. I chose to answer all the questions this week even though a couple caused me to pause and scratch my head. But then I thought that maybe these questions were doorways to deeper thoughts, and sure enough, there is at least one rant here! …so let’s get on with it!  Enjoy! 🙂

1.  Where do you hide junk when people come over?

Everyone seems to have that kind of place in their home. We have a ‘back’ bedroom where we throw everything that we want to keep out of sight, or we are too lazy to put away at the moment. About once a week I go through and return things to their rightful places and we start the process over again. This routine however, is becoming monotonous. On the one hand it is nice to have such a place in one’s home so that we can keep the rest of the house looking more tidy. On the other hand, we bought a small bungalow because we wanted to pare down, live simply, get rid of our “junk.” Having a room like this, and one that repeatedly fills up with our “junk” , sort of defeats our purpose. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but it seems to me that here in the US anyway, we Americans have a propensity for accumulating JUNK! But then again, maybe it’s just a matter of organization. I’m not the most organized person in the world, and it is no secret that when there is an “outside” teaming with life and adventure and beauty, I’m out there enjoying and not in here cleaning!

2. Do political ads help you decide who you are going to vote for?

No. Fortunately we do not own a television. And I especially don’t want one during campaign season! Ads tell us nothing about candidates other than who has the most money to spend on sleek advertisements filled with innuendo, loud noise, twisted logic and downright lies! Every little gaffe is blown out of proportion and most of those gaffes have nothing to do with the substance of a person’s character or one’s philosophic leanings or abilities to lead a country. I have been a public speaker in my past, and misstatements happen, words get twisted, omissions are made. We have a laugh. We move on. Campaigns do not. Every candidate has stellar moments and good ideas. Every candidate makes mistakes and embrace some crazy notions. In the US, we as a people have no understanding–NONE–of what socialism, communism, or capitalism really means, or the nuances embraced in each philosophy, or how all philosophies have elements of social conscience in them, and all philosophies are corrupted by human greed. Political advertisements throw around terms (Nazi, Fascist, Hitler, etc.) with abandon without thinking of what those terms really mean. Outrageous. Political campaigns are little more than sporting events, each side trying to score the most points and win the game. Rah Rah Rah! Political ads tell us NOTHING about the candidate. Accurate information comes from checking voting records (that is found at, named for Thomas Jefferson, and which takes you to the Library of Congress), and speech transcripts, etc. But that takes a lot of work. When it comes to casting a ballot however, whether it for a local office or president of the US, it’s worth the work.

Forgive the rant. I could not help myself!

3. What’s your favorite holiday party to host?

Our holidays are primarily the Jewish religious holidays which involve a lot of work and preparation. I’ve written about those in earlier postings through the years that I’ve blogged. But one holiday that is important in our home is July 4, Independence Day in the US. My husband is a naturalized citizen of this country and this is one secular holiday that he likes to observe (unless it falls on a Sabbath.) He knows more about the history of this country than most citizens who were born here, history of the good, the bad, and the ugly! Having lived in so many countries in his life, he appreciates more than most, the liberties we not only take for granted, but are totally unaware we have. When July 4 rolls around we bring out the red, white, and blue, and we may have a cook out, or a cook in, but we always do a little something to observe the day.

4. You go to an island with your spouse and can only take one personal item. What is it?

A toothbrush. I’m a fanatic about good dental hygiene. I always always always brush my teeth. If we are out of toothpaste or baking soda, I will brush my teeth with a dry toothbrush. I don’t skip. In fact my husband has commented on how fanatic I am about dental care and maintenance.

5. If you found out your spouse was a Dexter style serial killer (only kills people to save others) would you rat?

Good question. But, yes, I probably would. I have never heard of a “Dexter style serial killer” but he sounds scary. Who made him god to judge and execute another? series of others?!?!?! He’s a SERIAL KILLER. . . . Sadly, I would rat him out if my husband were such a man. THANKFULLY I married a good person .

So that’s it for another week. Leave your responses, or share other questions that come to mind regarding these questions. I look forward to hearing from you. See you again next week. 🙂


Five Question Friday: October 12, 2012

I hope everyone had a great week! For me, this ends the first week of a new quarter in school. I have been busy but I still have time for  5QF! Some of the questions are a challenge for me once again but I will make an honest attempt to answer them. Join in the fun if you choose, and leave some of your answers here. Or, if you prefer, click on the badge to be whisked to the home of Five Question Friday to get the questions and add to your blog posts. What ever you choose to do, ENJOY!

1. Did you have any homecoming traditions?

There are many ‘homecomings’ that may have traditions associated with them. This time of year one may think of football homecoming games. Since I was never a big football fan, and since I seldom attended homecoming games, and since those homecomings were many many years ago for me, I don’t recall the traditions of those weekends.

Another homecoming, and one that has more meaning in my life, is the Thanksgiving Saturday family gathering we have every year. My family is spread out over the country and seldom do we all get together at one time. But on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, we have a big family pot-luck get-together out at a retreat sight in the country. It started years ago when our children were young . . . and so were we. My brother organizes it every year. The first year there were a dozen of us who gathered in his back yard for a cook out. I don’t think any of us intended at that time to make this an annual event but that is what happened. Over the years, as our family grew, our children married and then began having children of their own, we had to relocate to the retreat center. We feast, play games, take hikes, talk and laugh, sing songs and play instruments (usually the children who roll their eyes when parents push them into ‘performing’ for the family), and have fun. About 60 of us made it to the last gathering. Seldom do we have everyone there, but as many as can will plan our ‘homecoming’ around this family gathering tradition.

2. Do you ask your spouse before spending money?

I don’t think we ask each other before spending money, but we definitely discuss money and how we spend it. Fortunately neither of us are “shoppers” and we both tend to be frugal. Both of us like to invest, too. Once we buy a stock, or add to our IRA, we are extremely reluctant to withdraw it. We are not rich, not even upper-middle-class. But we are making ends meet and are content with what we have.

3. If you could be famous for something what would it be?

This is a tough question. I have no desire for the “hollywood” life. Nor am I interested in lots of material possessions. But if I were to be famous, I think I would like it to be for inspiring people to live more wholesome, authentic lives. I am of the opinion that most of the ills of the world can be attributed to misguided beliefs about what is truly authentic living. We search for it in material things that will decay and pass away, and fail to grasp the awesomeness and beauty of living simply, in the moment, embracing the natural and sustainable gifts that provide sustenance and meaning for our days. Actually, being famous doesn’t fit into my picture.

4. Have you ever seriously thought you were going crazy?

Yes. 😉 I won’t say any more on this one!

5. How do you eat your steak? Burger? (as in, well done, medium, still moo-ing…)

Kosher! (hahaha…. yes, I keep kosher. 🙂 )

Five Question Friday: October 5, 2012

I really tried to complete this post on Friday but as you can see, it did not happen.  This morning it occurred to me that the reason I struggled with this post is that the questions were not relevant in my life. For instance, question one refers to album/cd/downloads that I am embarrassed to admit I have. To be honest, I have very few of those things. I spend as much time out-of-doors as possible, and the time I do find myself listening/watching anything that is ‘wired’ has to do with blogging or coursework. So I’m ‘out of the loop on that question.

Another question that gave me problems was about purchasing Halloween candy. We don’t do Halloween in this household. I know it is a favorite American custom to hand out candy to little goblins and princesses who come knocking at one’s door on All Hallows Eve, but that is not our holiday nor is it our custom. I questioned what holiday we do observe that might be comparable, but the only thing I could think of was Purim, a fun holiday that takes place in early spring. In all honesty however, other than dressing in costumes, there is no similarity between Halloween and Purim.

The question about which chores I hate the most and why was too broad for me to answer. I do not like chores. Period. I do what must be done to keep the health department at bay, but life with all its challenges, adventures and mystique is too grand to fill with chores. Yes, I clean house but I’m never immaculate. Yes, I do yard work but I do that out of love and never consider it a chore. Yes, I have to buckle down and devote time to coursework (quite a bit of time, actually) but I ALWAYS make time to take walks in the woods, photograph frogs and squirrels and birds and such. Chores are so far down on my list of likes and dislikes that I find them hard to blog about.

Family closets? Please clarify. Coat closet, linen closet, storage closet ~ yes. Individual closets ~ yes. Family closet ~ ?.

And finally, about my spouse; one thing he does better than me? Only one???? We are so different this is another hard one to answer. He is a scientist, a nuclear physicist and engineer. I am definitely the artist/social conscience/social justice/etc. person in this relationship. We make an excellent couple. When it comes to numbers and matters of science, he runs circles around me. When it comes to empathic understanding and dealing with matters of human nature, I excel. We are both awed by the wonder , intricacy, majesty and magic of nature.

As you can see here, I struggled with this week’s questions but somehow managed to answer them in this explanation of why I did not answer in a timely manner. Following are the actual questions. What do you think? Feel free to respond with your own answers. Enjoy! 🙂

1. What album/cd/download are you embarrassed to admit you have?

2. What’s the one thing your spouse does better than you?

3. When do you start buying Halloween Candy?

4. Family closets – Yay or nay?

5. Which home/cleaning chore do you hate the most? Why?

Five Question Friday: 9/28/2012

It has been a while since I posted a 5QF! I think the last one was back in January. I thought it might be nice to pick it up again, at least for a while. If you enjoy this sort of thing, feel free to add this feature to your blog. Click on the icon above to be whisked through cyber space to the home page of this weekly post, the place where the weekly questions are posted (usually on Thursday evening to give the blogger time to adequately answer the questions.) If a question is insulting or too banal for your liking (yes, it happens occasionally), just substitute a question of your own. 🙂

Now, on to this week’s questions!
1. Do you prefer to drive to your vacation spot or fly?

Definitely drive. Both of us enjoy road trips, and we travel well together. There is so much to see and do along the way that we seldom get bored. The camera usually sits in my lap should a photo op suddenly appear. R has been known to drive off the beaten path, park the car along the side of the road, then sit and wait the 15 or 20 minutes needed for me to get the shot that can’t be missed. He never complains. Sometimes we pull over at scenic spots just to take a walk, breathe in the woody smell of nature, or just relax a bit. Then we pile back in the car and are off again! We can’t do any of this from an airplane. There are times when flying is the practical choice, but when given our druthers, we both prefer driving. 🙂

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

This is a frequently discussed question in our household. R is a world traveler and there are many places he would like to introduce to me. He has told me about Bariloche in the Patagonia, Argentina, places in Denmark, Venice, Italy, and all over eastern Europe, etc. He has many wonderful tales to tell and someday I will travel to those places with him. On the other hand I have been all over this country and would love to take R to places that have meaning for me: Rocky Mountains, Smokey Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and more. But THE place that tops our priority list is the land of Israel, home for all Jewish people. R has visited the country several times, and actually lived there for a couple of years back in the 1980s. I have never been. To pray at the Wester Wall/Kottel is my dream, and someday soon we hope to go there.

3. Should grown women wear leggings?

Sure! Why not? They are cute as well as keep the legs warm. It never occurred to me that these might be a young girl’s garment. In fact, I think I’ll go out and pick up a pair or two today! 😉

4. If you could change your name to any other name, would you? And what would it be?

At this stage in life I’ll keep what I have. When I was younger there were certainly times I wanted to change my name. Now that I am approaching the late middle-age time of my life ( 😉 ) I am happy with my name. In fact, after divorcing my first husband I returned to my maiden name. When I married R (and love of my life) I kept my maiden name. I don’t want to keep changing names as I am perfectly happy with this one.

5. What magazines do you subscribe to?

I don’t subscribe to many magazines but there are a few: National Geographic; Smithsonian; The Intelligent Optimist (formerly known as “Ode”); and several professional journals (mental health counseling.)

That’s it for this week! Hope you like it. Feel free to join in and I’ll see you next week (B”H)

Five Question Friday takes a Hiatus From This Blog: January 20, 2012


I’m finally doing it. After spending another night burning the midnight oil to meet another deadline I have decided that some things are going to have to be laid aside for a while. I could not bring myself to write a post on the five questions that were posed for today’s blog. I am beginning to streamline my activities so that I can expend my energies on  coursework and other pressing demands. So for the immediate future, I will not be posting Five Question Friday. If you are interested in picking up this feature for your blog, just click on the badge above and you will be whisked away through the blogosphere to the “mother site” to retrieve the questions, directions, and badge to add to your site. Good luck and enjoy!

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Five Question Friday: January 13, 2012


Welcome back to Five Question Friday. Don’t be spooked that this is Friday the 13th! It happens from time to time and I’m still here to talk about it. 😀 Hope you had a good week. Here are this week’s questions. Take a stab at it for yourselves and share your answers with the rest of us! 🙂

1. What’s the last thing you bought for yourself?

I don’t remember. It was probably a book. That is my weakness. I pick up a book of poetry and then I can’t seem to put it back down; it must go home with me. Or I’ll see a book on photography that I simply must have. Novels? I tend to check those out at the library. Then there are textbooks, and then more textbooks. My courses are going well but there sure is a lot of reading! (It’s a good thing I love to read 😉 )

2. What is your favourite meal on a cold winter day? 

A hot bowl of homemade vegetable soup or chili. Nothing beats it on a cold winter day. Nothing.

3. Have you started looking at swimsuits for this year, and do you buy a new one every year?

swimming pool
Image by freefotouk via Flickr

I haven’t bought a swimsuit in over a dozen years! I used to be quite a swimmer–was a life guard at Davis Swimming Pool at Fort Knox, KY, during my young years. Here I was a 19-year-old girl working as a life guard at a pool filled with GI’s in the early ’70’s. Viet Nam still captured the headlines every night. I actually went in the pool to pull someone out a few times during my tenure in that position. Ahhhh. . . that was a long time ago. But today I don’t swim. And I don’t know why I quit going to the pool. There is certainly opportunity. Hmmmm . . .  maybe another NoCZ-2012 challenge to consider! 😉

4. If you could be any candy what would you be and why?

Peppermint candy because I love peppermint. 🙂

5. What are you most passionate about?

Cecelia Futch SkyDiving!

Oh wow! This is a hard question because I am passionate about a lot of things. I would have to say that I am passionate about life! When I think of my passions, all of them have to do with helping people, improving life for myself and others, loving my children, developing my spirit as well as the spirit of the world, and the list goes on. But the one thing that these passions have in common is they celebrate life and seek to improve the lives of myself and others. So, I am passionate about life and living authentic lives.

Well, I’m done for today. I hope that one of these questions will spark your interest and that you will join the discussion. Have a great weekend and a wonderful week. See you next Friday!

Five Question Friday: January 6, 2012

Hello friends! I hope your Friday is getting off to a good start. Here we are at the first 5QF of the new year! Enjoy reading, and then if you like, answer the questions in the comment area of this post. Or better yet, click on the badge which will take you to the site where I pick up the questions, copy and post to your blog and start a discussion there. If there is a question you don’t particularly like, strike it out and make up your own. (I’ve done that a few times as many of you know.) So let’s get started! 🙂

1. What is the weather like where you are and do you like it?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love the photo ops, not so crazy about the cold!

2. When you’re sick what do you seek comfort from?

In my case, the question is ‘who’ do I seek comfort from? My husband! He is the best ‘nurse’ in the world!!! (Sorry Mom, but it’s true. What can I say?)  Richard’s mother was a nurse and she passed on her nursing expertise to her son. I am the beneficiary! Thank you Mrs. Rogow. 🙂 Richard hovers over me, making sure I have enough blankets, brings me advil or tylenol for fevers and aches, makes sure there is plenty of water by my bedside, checks on me regularly to make sure I have everything needed to stay as comfortable as possible. No matter how hard I try, I have been unable to match his skills when he is sick.

3. What do you need to do before the end of the month?

Oh my. I will let you know after I open up my course syllabuses later today. My “to do” list will be centered around course work for the next ten weeks. (Week 9 will have the added anticipation of my youngest daughter’s due date for her first child! Yes, I’m heading to Chicago for that regardless of end-of-the-quarter deadlines!)

4. Have you ever served on a jury?

A summons for jury duty in a United States dis...

As a matter of fact, yes I have. I’ve been called for jury duty three times, and a fourth time I requested out due to religious holidays. Personally I consider jury duty a civic responsibility  willingly serve when called. The only exception thus far was due to a religious holiday observance (I think it was Passover; can’t remember for sure.)

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

This is an easy one. Since I was a little girl I thought it would be great fun to be an otter.

Sea otter (Enhydra lutris) mother with nursing...

Why? Because of all the animals I saw that day years ago at the zoo, the otters seemed to be the ones who were having the most fun. If you google otters, you will see that they make everything they do into a game or play activity. And they love the water, as do I! In my youth I was a life guard in several different places, and it just makes sense that if I come back as an animal, it has to be a animal that loves to play in the water! What fun!

**Jury Duty Summons and Sea Otters are Wikipedia Images.