Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Photograph Something NEW!

So, what makes this so “new?” These are some old cameras, one passed down to me from my grandfather, one passed on to me from an uncle, and one I bought when I was expecting my first child. I have other cameras too,  still packed in boxes somewhere, but these three were just unpacked in the last week. Cee challenged us this week to post something that we photographed in the past few days, something new for our readers. As I pondered what to shoot whilst sitting amidst a stack of books and papers and school projects, I thought I might just take a shot of my work space and call it a day. But that idea was far too boring. I then thought about taking a walk in my backyard to see if I saw anything photo-worthy there. But it is dark and overcast outside, and spitting snow to boot! I walked into a back room to retrieve my camera and tripod thinking that there must be something in the house I could photograph. Then I saw the cameras sitting on a shelf of the bookcase, and voilà! Here you have it. 🙂 I shot it in black and white, but then thought sepia would give the shot an old-fashioned look. After that I antiqued it…better still! Then I thought to add a little vignette and edge-blurring. Now this is what I call “something new!” What do you think?

PS: I also like the books in the background. Interesting reading, wouldn’t you say?


12 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Photograph Something NEW!

    1. Yes indeed! When I get the next break from school, I plan to get some film (if I can even find 120 anymore!) And test it out. There was a roll in the camera that had already been shot, but I have no idea how old it is. I’m toying with the idea of having it developed to see what, if anything, shows up. I did that once before with an old roll of film that I found in a camera, but the film/images had deteriorated so badly that it was a waste of money. But I am a curious sort…hard to have a roll of old film and not check it out. 😉

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