Lover’s Quarrel

It appears that Cardinals have one mate, maybe for life but I don’t know that for sure. Recently I have paid close attention to two Cardinals that appear to be a couple. Each watches out for the other and if one is at the bird feeder it will call the other one to come enjoy a morsel or two as well. The male Cardinal appears to be protective of the female Cardinal, at times shooing other birds away when the female is at the bird feeder. But all is not bliss. One day I watched as what appeared to be a lover’s quarrel ensued! They did not chase each other off, but they were certainly animated in their discussion with each other as they went back and forth, vigorously fluttering wings and cawing the other. Both seemed intent on getting in the last word. One would fly a short distance away but would immediately return to continue the ‘discussion.’ See for yourself!







Evidently she had had enough!


26 thoughts on “Lover’s Quarrel

  1. just like in marriage….and the female always gets the last word….I suppose even in bird land not everything flies along smoothly all the time LOL !!! Great pics Cecelia!

  2. Great photos! How amazing that you were able to capture this spat! I’m wondering, could the one that is less red be a juvenile male that hasn’t grown into all of his adult plumage? The kids and I saw what we thought were five female cardinals hanging out together in our backyard a week or so ago, but after looking at our bird book, we decided they were teenage brothers and then we made up stories about their adventures together. I don’t know for sure, though…I have a lot of trouble telling juvenile males from females.

    1. CJ, I assumed it was a female, but knowing how challenging adolescents can be, maybe it was a poppa cardinal chastising a his teen over some indescretion. I like that you and your kids made up stories about the cardinals you recently saw. What fun! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to look up photos of juvenile male cardinals.

  3. oh this is just glorious to see. Aren’t birds just fascinating? I love having feeders close to the kitchen windows and watching their antics. You did a fabulous job of capturing this ‘discussion’ on film.!

    1. Thanks Joss. I have become entranced with birds since moving into our home and setting up a bird feeder. I can watch them and their antics for hours. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Cecelia….I love your photos! They are so crisp and clear! And the expressions on the cardinals are just amazing! Bravo to you for capturing some stunning shots!
    Thanks for the ping back too!

  5. Cardinals are residents of the southern states, but warmer winters, as well as bird feeders are a contribution to the birds more northward expansion. In the northern parts of its range some cardinals might visit warmer latitudes, but most will stay in the same territory all year long.

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