Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

A week late. Oh well. Still good, though. I did not create this baby tomato, but nature worked creative wonders to bring this about. I helped by placing the plant in soil and adding water. This is the first tomato to grow on my potted tomato plant that sits on our deck! Yay!!!!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

    1. Oh I know! The drought is drying everything up. Potted plants on the deck are the only thing growing at the moment. Thanks for stopping by. Here’s praying for rain for everyone who needs it!

  1. I think that most of the works that are called ‘creations’, are not really… and this is a beautiful little tomato plant. More power to you… and you created the image… that’s something too. I’m all for you.

  2. what a clever little creator you are..it looks a yummy tomato and I am sure that when the time comes for it to be eaten it will taste delicious…. lots o love P xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Patrecia. I now have a handful of tomatoes, all green, growing and ripening on the vine. Looks like this will be a productive (and delicious) summer! 🙂

  3. So much fun to watch plants grow and anticipate the delicious taste of the food 🙂 Judy

    1. Thanks suburbanferndaleark! I’m looking forward to having lots of toms and salads and sandwiches all summer long (if all goes according to plan! 😉 )

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