Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

This morning it rained after a long draught. Of course, the rain ended too soon but the skies are still overcast so maybe more is on the way. During a lull I stepped outside to get a few photos, “close-ups” of fading blossoms adorned with their watery diamonds, a souvenir from the heavens.

Early this week I played “hookie” and Richard and I drove out to a nature preserve. It was a wonderful break from studies and I was able to shoot some nature close-ups of wildlife I had never been able to shoot before (not the sharpest photos, but fun nonetheless).

Not spooked by me at all! I could reach out and touch this beauty. I shot quite a few frames before it flew away.

Now that school is on break, I hope to take more days away to enjoy the natural world. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

56 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

    1. Thanks Joss. I’ve seen them out at the nature preserve before, but always from afar. This sweetheart rose out of the bogs and flew right by me. I followed it for an hour and got a lot of close up shots, some in mid-flight. Sadly, most of them are blurred (probably due to my excitement at being so close to it!)

  1. Cecelia, your photos are wonderful. You have expressed an interest in my Cleveland connection. My diary entry for June 16, 1962 tells about visiting the art museum, health museum and museum of natural history plus seeing the sun making a path across Lake Erie. Fifty years ago today we went to the observation floor of Terminal Tower.

    1. Thanks Christine. It is nice to have a break. If I could find some way to spend the entire time out in nature, I would do it! Richard and I plan to take lots of trips to nature reserves and gardens. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I’m not sure WP allows you to post so many wonderful photos in one post like that, Ms. F! Very nice, indeed!
    I hope you are enjoying your very well deserved break, too!

  3. lovely pictures..good to see that you relax once in a while…bring your camera on the road trip..Thank you for being the first volunteer but you did not tell me where to pick you up?????? which country?

  4. Beautiful photography, Cecilia. The first couple of flowers are awe-inspiring. I’ve been seeing these “Close” posts all week, and gather that many of our photographers are participating in this together. How nice.


  5. I envy your photos of the lillies. I have some, too. They don’t come close to competing with yours.

    I am happy for the “good man” you have in your life. Yes, they can be hard to find. So we should treasure them.

    I wish you every success and happiness as you move forward with your studies and your new life’s adventure.

    1. Oh thank you, Bluebird Annie! Coming from you, that is a real compliment! I always enjoy your photos so much. And thanks, too, for the kind words. Blessings to you.

  6. Each of the shot is awesome in its own way….it is really difficult to select a favourite…too good!!

    thanks for the pingback 🙂

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