A New Day!

Birds are chirping outside my window and the sun rays brighten the landscape of our back yard. Bees buzz around the rose-bush, and the tiger lilies that grow along the side of the garage are in full bloom. A breeze ruffles the leaves of the Oak tree that grows along the back or our property. A mother rabbit, followed by her bunny, hop across the yard quickly going from the pile of brush behind the garage to the shelter under our deck. Squirrels have already made their morning run to the bird feeder, and now many species of birds are joyfully enjoying the feast and playing in the makeshift birdbaths. A chipmunk scurries across the deck and I feel lighthearted as I quietly observe the morning activities in our back yard. Finally I have completed ten grueling weeks of study and am free to enjoy this new day unencumbered. What joy. I have missed blogging, really blogging. I have missed visiting your blogs. Thank you to those of you who continued to pop in now and then to see how I was doing. For those who haven’t stopped by, I am anxious to renew old acquaintances. Hopefully future quarters will not take as severe a toll on my husband and me as this one has. But I don’t need to worry about that now because for three weeks I am free. 🙂

After a little R & R, I have so much to share with you. And I look forward to getting caught up with y’all and what you have done and are blogging about, too. Have a great day and I will be seeing you around. 😉


22 thoughts on “A New Day!

  1. Ahh … 3 weeks off! Time to breathe in the air on your time schedule now! It’s wonderful when your life ‘lets go’ and you are free for the moment. Everything is sweeter, clearer, fresher and brighter! Enjoy!!

  2. Good to read …that’s you’re off for three weeks! How great that must feel! It’s a wonderful time too…to be off!

    1. Yes, Rebekah, it is good to get a break! I think my roughest courses are now behind me so hopefully I’ll be better able to keep up with everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    1. Barbara, It is good to see you. I have missed blogging. I tried to keep up photographically speaking, but toward the end I couldn’t even do that. But now I’ll relax and do some catching up with my blogging friends. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I am happy. The most difficult course I will have to take in this program is now behind me. I feel like I am back to being human. AND the results arrived tonight, and I Aced everything. I am pleased. 🙂

  3. A yard isn’t complete without a couple of bunnies, and squirrels to (try to) raid the feeders. So glad you have this time to enjoy your own backyard!

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