Sunday Post: Shelter


This little fella appears to be seeking shelter from the cold, winter snows. What do you think?



44 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Shelter

    1. Yes, the sweetie is indeed well fed! On suet I left out for the birds, and bird seed I left on the window sill. The birds were lucky if they ever got any. 🙂

    1. I love squirrels. This furry friend visited me every day between 9am and 10am throughout the winter. It helped that I left bird seed out for my feather friends. 🙂 I will head over to check out your squirrel stories. I’m sure that I will enjoy them.

  1. Not sure about that. He is well protected against the snow and cold.. I would say he’s curious, and wondering what kind of delicious food is out there (well, inside… 🙂 )

    1. You are right about the food! He came around like clock work until the spring arrived. Then I stopped putting out food, and now it’s been over a month since I’ve seen him. But I did get plenty of good photos during the time he made our apartment ledge his “feeding” place. 🙂 Now that we are in a house, I’ll have to find new friends.

    1. Yes, Barbara. He came around like clock work. But now that we are no longer living in the apartment, I’ll have to cultivate some new friends. I’ve already spotted a squirrel or two frolicking in our yard. 🙂

        1. Not really, Barbara. With springtime, there is plenty of food for the animals. I’ll make new furry friends where I am. And the next tenants at our sweet apartment may be in for a surprise come cold weather! The squirrels and birds may come looking for food again. 😉

    1. Hahaha… Yes, but he doesn’t look like he’s starving so I don’t feel too bad for him. It helped that I regularly left food out for all the cratures. Thanks for stopping by Carl. I appreciate it. When my quarter ends I’ll be visiting around again.

  2. lol….I just love this photo! Indeed….he IS seeking shelter…nice warm shelter. Perhaps some goodies to eat, too! 😉 Great interpretation of the theme, Cecelia!

    1. Yes, Fox Squirrels have much warmer colored fur than the ubiquitous gray squirrel. When we were in DC, we were inundated with black squirrels and gray squirrels that weren’t as pretty as the squirrels we see here. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is still one of my favorites, Ms. F…
    so unbelievable (looks like something from a commercial)…
    hahaha… are you sure that little guy isn’t C.G.?!

    1. Hahaha… Right now, I’m not sure about anything! I will miss this little guy now that we have moved. But I saw squirrels at play out in our yard yesterday, so I have a new passel of “buddies” to cultivate. I have the perfect place for a bird bath, bird feeder, bird house . . . just the things to attract a new family of squirrels. 😉

    1. Yes, I will miss the squirrels now that we are in our own home. I’ll have to cultivate a new crop of feathered and furry friends! (I’ve already started leaving food out. 🙂 )

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