Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Both photos have two subjects. 🙂


36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. Nice photo, but I only see one….one with two subjects, but no link to another that I see…. ??? Unless it’s one of the related articles….

  2. Ah… the first time I came to view the post, there was only one picture, literally. The second one, of the trees, and the photographer reflection (bloody brilliant, btw… ) was NOT there…. perhaps it took too long to load, and I just missed it when it popped up… but, I did catch it this time, and it is the better of the two, to my mind, subtle though it is…. Nice, both of them….

    1. Thanks for stopping by mtlawleyshire. The pingbacks are not as hard to do as folks might think. When you are composing a new post, if you look to the right of the page and follow that all the way down, there is a place to enter category, then below that the tags, then below that is an area of suggested images (which I very seldom use) and below that are suggested blog sites that might fit in with the subject of the post you are composing. I go through that list (when you pass your cursor over the link, a ‘blurb’ pops up so you see what the post is about and then you can check it out futher if interested) and add what I like. I have found so many interesting blogs that way. Good luck.

    1. I don’t know what possessed me. Not the best photo, but interesting. I think I’ll try to do more with reflections in the future. It is a real challenge. Thanks for stopping by.:-)

    1. Thanks Kathy. I feel the same about the first one. The second one was an experiment. Not nearly as aesthetic, but interesting none-the-less and it fit the challenge. But I took a series of photos of the fountain and LOVED them all….the water, the light, as you say the “shimmering of it!” Thanks for commenting.

  3. The cascading water over the statue’s shoulder is so vividly captured as if It’s within my reach. The colors are amazing, fun and brings to mind the joys of the outdoors. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing….

  4. Beautiful entries! The reflection is very clever. Love the water spraying everywhere in your first photo. Great captures!

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