Inquiring glance . . .

As you know, I put out bird seed at the beginning of the winter in hopes of attracting birds to my window sill. But to my dismay a squirrel showed up instead. I’m not complaining though, because the little fellow endeared himself to us with his daily visits and cute antics, many of which I caught on camera and have shared here. My furry friend has not been around for the last few days, however. Quite to my surprise, a few birds have flitted here and there, taken a few seeds then flown off. This morning, I happened to have my camera and caught this gorgeous guy looking at me as if to ask why I was there. I was only able to get one shot before he flew off. Thankfully I had the camera set on automatic. So, here is the photo for your enjoyment!


33 thoughts on “Inquiring glance . . .

  1. Blue jays are fearless. If you have a flock of regular visitors for a week or two and can just watch I felt as though they had unique personalities and I found that to be true with squirrels too.

    1. Blue Jays can be obnoxious, and pretty agressive, but they are beautiful. I know what you mean about the squirrels having personalities. We had two or three regulars and could tell which one was visiting each time it showed up. Today was the first day for the jays to be around, so don’t “know” which is which yet.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. just perfect! my feathered visitors are so focussed on beating each other to the grapes and getting away unscathed that even on automatic i am too slow to catch them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Patrecia. It is always good to see you. Yes, this bird is a blue jay. They are gorgeous birds but quite agressive with other birds, and many bird watchers don’t like having them around. I, on the other hand, enjoy seeing their color on a bland winter day. 🙂

    1. Thanks SIG! I love wildlife photography. Wish I could get out into the real wild rather than wildlife in an urban setting. sigh… Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week. 🙂

  3. Hello,

    I learned of your blog, because a pingback was sent to my blog from yours. So, I navigated around just a bit. I landed on this post. I have a folder of images of beautiful birds that I’ve collected around the Internet. This one is a beauty! Great shot! Your header is nice too! God bless you!


    1. Thanks Jake. That was the one and only time I saw that Blue Jay. It perched right outside my window, I shot one frame, then off it flew. Glad you like it. Thanks, too, for stopping by.

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