About Global Food Disparity!

I had not planned on posting today (except for River of Stones) but came across this link at Doris Nygrin’s blog, Truth With Doris, and felt compelled to share it. In a very simple, straightforward way, the viewer is shown the disparity in diets around the world with accompanying comments…brief statements about the weekly food costs for families in different parts of the world. I urge you to take a look.

Daily Kos: Global Food Disparity


12 thoughts on “About Global Food Disparity!

  1. In addition to the disparity the pictures indicate why African Americans have a disproportional illness over sugar diabetes and overweight related illness. Perhaps contributes to shorter life span as well. All Americans would benefit from adapting the fruit and vegetable diets avoiding the red meat and such as bacon and sausage. Italians love their bread and a grain based diet has been traditional since even pre Roman times.

    1. Thank you Sorin, for stopping by. I hope people will stop and think when they buy their groceries . . . and maybe donate to a food bank or a charity that gets food to those who don’t have.

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