River of Stones: Day 5

Crunch. . . . Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. . . . Crunch. . . . Crunch.

Hard boots crash into frozen snow. Cold bites the nose. Wind whips hair and scarves into a frenzied mess . . . and steals a hat here and there.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

32 thoughts on “River of Stones: Day 5

    1. Believe me, if I could send some of our snow your way, I certainly would. Having said that however, I have enjoyed getting out in it every day thus far. It is rather invigorating. Take care and stay warm, and hopefully you will get a fair share of snow soon.

  1. This small stone project is wonderful… a great way to express daily gratitude.
    “Day 5” post is very auditory. I could almost hear snow crunching as I read the verse!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Margie. If I could send you some of this snow, I certainly would. From what I’ve heard, we are just getting started here! Much more to come in this winter season.

  2. we so seldom have the chance to crunch snow. it sounds almost magical and exciting. Yet for those who have to endure months of it, it must be quite exhausting

    1. Oh Erin! Thank you!!! I am so excited. and humbled. I look forward to receiving it, so I’ll shoot you an email right away. Again, thank you for your generosity. {{{Hugs}}}

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’m doing my best to stay warm! I’m also sending wonderful thoughts of snow your way. It seems that those who don’t have snow, want it, but those of us who have it, would like a bit warmer weather. πŸ˜€ Take care, and you stay warm, too.

      Hugs back,

    1. Thanks Jo. Snow “deadens” sound so it is generally quiet out. But due to that quiet, every sound that is made is magnified. I don’t know of any other word that sounds like walking in snow other than “crunch.” I appreciate your stopping by.

    1. Thanks Gracie Sam, I appreciate your comments. Glad, too, that you could “feel” the cold weather. That’s what I was aiming for. Why keep it all to myself! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by. You have a lovely day, too!

    1. LOL! I’m hanging on to it!!! Although, I have lost a few in my life-time, but not today. Hope you are staying warm enough down in sunny Florida. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It was quite cold this morning when I ventured outdoors, but through the day we began to thaw a bit, and by tomorrow we should have a good melt going on. I’m happy about all of that!

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