Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (2nd time around!)

We have finally made it to our new place in Ohio!  The apartment is much smaller even than I remember, but I think we can squeeze in and be comfortable till we find a more permanent place.  On the way here, we stopped at several rest areas.  One in particular nestled in among a magnificent stand of trees (possibly on the edge of a forest.)  While taking a walk with the cat, I thought of this photo challenge and shot a few frames that I thought turned out rather well.

As an addendum, the following are photos from every window in our apartment.  You will know why I chose this apartment over a much larger one (which looked out over a parking lot!)

Our bedroom window -- when the furniture arrives in about an hour, our bed will go right beneath this window so that we can look out on this each morning.
Small bedroom/our office -- sweet
Dining room window, 1st morning in apartment
Living room, taken when I first woke up our first morning in the apartment.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (2nd time around!)

    1. Thanks Theresa. Yes, we finally made it. Now the unpacking begins, but I’m not fretting over that one. No deadline, just do it as I feel like it! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Great pics…I love being surrounded by trees. In our home every window has a view of a beautiful tree or a wooded area. Thanks for sharing and for linking to my “UP” post.

    1. Thanks SIG. I don’t like moves either, but when one has to. . . At any rate, I love the trees. And since the apartment is so small we’ve pared down quite a bit. Already life seems simpler, less encumbered. 🙂

    1. Thanks T2T! It does feel like a tree house, and I love it! Now the work of unpacking begins, but it shouldn’t be too hard since the bulk of our belongings were given away or put in storage. Even with boxes everywhere, I like the place!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Now that the move is behind us, and with only two weeks left in this quarter, I hope to get back to surfing the blogs and staying up with everyone. It feels like I’ve been gone for so long and I miss reading what others have to write. Thanks for staying with me through this transition time. I do appreciate it.

    1. That is the thing that captured my attention at the rest stop where the photo was taken; the grandness of the trees. There was nothing wimpy about them. And then to arrive at our apartment after 10 hours on the road, and to walk into the living room and see that gorgeous view of the trees was almost magical. Great stress reliever right there! Also a big thanks re: your comments on the theme and fonts! Much appreciated.

  2. These pictures with the light and sun shining through……they just define peace and hope. What a beautiful sight to greet you in the morning. I can’t wait to see the pictures you post in a month or so as the trees change their leaves into the beautiful autumn colors that will greet the bright Ohio days. Enjoy your view!


    1. Thank you. When the manager first showed us the apartment back in July, one of the comments was how beautiful the scene will be in autumn. I was pretty much sold on the apartment by that point, but that comment sealed the deal. So, I chose this one over a much larger, more modern apartment with a balcony (overlooking a parking lot and another high-rise). I know this one was the right choice. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

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