Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Well, I don’t know how to go about this one since flowers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  I have hundreds of photos. I’ll try to keep it short.

I won’t post anymore photos this week.  Hope you enjoy these.


63 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

    1. Thank you Barbara. I’m glad you like them. Flowers are one of my favorite subjects. In fact, I’ve begun making greeting cards with them. I am presently working on creating wedding invitations and thank-you notes, too. After our move, I hope to open an etsy story and see if some of them will sell. If I do that, I will link it to the blog. Not sure I’m going that route yet, but I’m thinking of it. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Yes! I enjoyed them very much … they’re fantastic shots!

    I was thinking the same thing — probably have hundreds too. Haven’t decided yet — either I’ll take ONE or make a slide show.

    1. I think a slide shw is a terrific idea! I’ve never done that so I need to learn. For a post such as this one I think a slide show would have been better. I’ll work on it. In the meantime I look forward to seeing your’s.

  2. Flowers, just like people are all beautiful in their own way. Thank you Cecilia for the gorgeous blooms and more to come…wow!

    1. Patrecia, always good to see you here. I’m not sure I’ll get back with more or not. The movers arrive to pick up our stuff on Mon., Aug 29, and will deliver to our new place about a week after that. I am in chaos right now, so I’m not posting as often. I can’t quit “cold turkey” however, because it is a therapeutic thing that i do! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks Ramoncito17, I’m glad you like them. I miss seeing everyone in the blog world, but in another couple of weeks we’ll be settled in our new place and I’ll get back to blogging more regularly. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. How beautiful! Especially love the raindrops on the lilies, my favourite flowers. Great post.

  4. All wonderful, Cecelia!
    I particularly like all the detail in that last shot…
    and I really like the water droplets you’ve captured there, and on the lilies(?) as well!
    (Sorry, my flower / name recognition is awful!)

    1. Thanks SIG! I love photographing flowers and I’m happy when others enjoy them. This weekly challenge is compelling me to stretch my wings and try new things which is good. But flowers are still my favs.

    1. Thanks Doris! I shoot a lot of “good” photos, but every once in a while I get a “great” shot!!! That last one falls in the “great” category (in my humble opinion.) Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment.

  5. Simply amazing photos! I’d buy greeting cards and thank-you notes with these images on them. Take it easy packing and moving. -Theresa

    1. Funny you should mention gretting cards/thankyou notes! I’ve been making them for about a year, and after i’ve settled in our new home I’ll be opening a “shop” of my cards! (through etsy) I’ll link the store to this blog. So be looking for it in about a month to six weeks. Some of the photos here will be featured. 😀 By the way, thanks for stopping by, as always.

  6. I knew it you gunna come up with lots of picture for this week challenge!
    You’re a flower geek 😀

    oh btw,
    I love the softness of the last shot

  7. These are gorgeous, Cecilia!
    (Do you really have 26-hour days, or does it just seem like that?)
    ((I follow your other blogs as well and find it hard to believe you are one person with the same time allotment as the rest of us))

    1. Bless your heart! I do stay busy, but not to the point of frantic. . . except when I’m nearing the final week of the school quarter. Then things just go crazy. We don’t own a television so I’m thinking that is one thing that frees up time for me. Plus, creativity energizes me. This is fun. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving such a sweet message. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Martin! Yes, flower shots are definitely my forte, although I’ve been experimenting with macro lately and having a ball. Glad you like the photos. The pink rose and the white rose (last photo) are my two favorites in this set. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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