Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

Well, this challenge posed a challenge.  I live near mountains (Virginia) but have no transportation to get to them.  I thought a lot about how I would meet this challenge, then realized that I really didn’t have to go far to find mountains.  Often on these challenges, I have felt that I needed to go afar to find some profoundly beautiful once-in-a-lifetime shot for it to be a worthy photograph.  Usually when I get into that mode though, I am humbled to find that “the shot” is no more than an arm’s length away.  Today’s challenge proved to be no different.  So, I humbly submit my weekly photo challenge entry. Enjoy!

After conquering these mountains I made my way down long, narrow trails and through canyons the likes of which I had never seen before!

Once through this treachery, I arrived at the foot of yet another mountain that left me in tears as I thought of how many more mountains awaited, all begging to be conquered!

I longed for the days of just a month ago~or less~when our trail wended through bucolic beauty and serene landscapes.  Would I ever see those days again?  Ahhhh, the memories they made!

Ah well, enough of my faded (actually, not so faded) memories.  Back to the canyon lands and the packing and conquering the mountains in my home.  Hope you enjoyed the journey with me.  😀


65 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

  1. Cecilia!
    You are the only person I have encountered in years who uses a Franklin Planner (or did as of 1994 in your photo). I still do use it, in the teeth of iPads and Blackberries and iCals.
    Love your clever and attractive post. Yes, there are mountains and mountains, and you are steadily climbing.

    1. Hahahah! What good eyes you have! The 1994 thing has got to go! Although, I will admit that I do not use the iPads or iCals…I still write things into a calendar, and folks do indeed look at me like I’m crazy. Oh well. . . Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂 Have a great day.

  2. I love your interpretation, Cecelia – very, very well done! I’m still scratching my head about this challenge!
    Hahaha… I’m afraid that I have mountains of laundry that would make the stuff in that first photo look more like rolling hills, though. It’s getting pretty scary, I tell ya’!

    1. Thanks! They will really become mountains when in about two weeks they are all packed and waiting to be loaded on the truck. Not sure I’ll photograph that one, though.

    1. Thanks Rick. Don’t know what possessed me. . . Maybe all the boxes that are still waiting to be filled up as we prepare to move in a couple of weeks. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love your photos, especially the blankets and pillows and the sepia tones. It is giving me excellent ideas for future pics thank you!

  4. I don’t envy you, of your first batch of mountains, but it’s an excellent interpretation of the challenge.

    The second batch is gorgeous..

  5. Cecelia, I have to ask you, based on your commentary in a previous post, how did a “nice Methodist P.K.” like you end up “keeping Kosher”? To me it’s a true “go ponder.” (Since I’m challenged by math I prefer to say “go ponder” rather than “go figure”.)

    Your West Virginia mountain pictures are beautiful. My husband and I travelled in West Virginia both going and returning when we did our Alexandria, Virginia/Washington, DC/New York City trip in May. I love the mountains of West Virginia, perhaps because I was conceived in the mountains of Kentucky following my parents’ graduation from Berea College.

    Your “mountains of things and canyons through more things” photos remind me of our basement before we left our home to move to our Kansas City, Missouri condo. This, too, shall pass, and it will get dealt with in its own time.

    1. For lots of reasons and after lots of prayer and contemplation, I converted to Judaism. Long story. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime. Folks have asked me to. We’ll see.

      West Virginia is one of our favorite states. Love the mountains. My parents live in KY, and I graduated from Morehead State University, so I’m familiar with Berea. A beautiful, quaint town. Increadible spoon breat at the tavern there!

      In a few weeks I’ll be looking back on those mountains and canyons of boxes as we settle in to our new place!

      Thanks for stopping by. It is always good to “see” you.

  6. It’s really interesting to see how creativity plays in this weekly photo challenge thing. As I visit each pingback and bloggers liking one’s post, the more I am educated. I love how you gave interpretation to this week’s challenge.

    1. Thanks. That’s because I’m losing my mind and it’s going to weird places. 🙂 Sometimes it’s fun to let the brain just run wild. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Fabulous, but so many mountains to climb in the course of a day. Those moving boxes feel all too familiar and all best wishes for moving those mountains!

  8. I like your concept of the word ” mountain.” It can mean a lot of things to different people. A mountain of piled linens,pillows,books, life’s problems or happiness, or the stunning landscape such as in your picture. I was thinking of making a mountain made of throw pillows when my son and I were playing at our living room 2 days ago but it kept on falling. I told myself, ” oh, well, it’s not meant to be.” Sometimes mountains do crumbled too. great post my friend!

  9. Very creative take on the Weekly Photo Challenge. Very good photos! I wish you much luck in packing your ‘mountains’ of stuff into boxes for the big move ahead.

    1. Hopefully the mountain of boxes will be gone in a couple of weeks. Most of our stuff will be put in storage and we will be living a simple life n a small apartment. I like the idea of Fluffy the Guinea Pig’s mountain of towels! Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  10. Hi Cecelia, what a fantastic concept you create for the photo challenge “mountains” I love it. The way you navigated the view through an assortment of valleys, cliffs and mountain tops via your home was right on! Thanks for stopping by my blog. A little confused about how the pingback stuff works but glad you made it. I will check out more of your work.

    1. I’m glad you and your daughters enjoyed the journey. In a few weeks the mountains will be moved! and we will start tearing them down in a new location. 🙂 Ah, the joys of moving. At any rate, thanks for stopping by and y’all have a blessed day. 🙂

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