The Moving Begins!

As often as I’ve moved, one would think that I have the routine down pat, but no, not so. No matter how many times I do it, moves never become easy or “old hat.”  Each time we relocate, there are unique considerations to assess, unexpected blockades for a smooth transition, or crisis of our own doing (sabotage?) to work through.  On the other hand, I know the routine. I’m pretty good at “guess-timating” how many boxes we will need.  After all, a move is a move is a move!

Since Richard is leaving in a couple of days for our new locale (to begin work on Monday, I won’t see him for five weeks), we have been gathering provisions into the house: food for a month, boxes and boxes and boxes, tape and tape and tape, other moving supplies.  I could gather these things myself after he leaves, but then if you’ll remember, I sold my cute little economical Honda “Marshmallow” Fit some time back since I was not driving it . . . after relocating here to Virginia . . . oh well.

Last night–in 100-degree heat–we went to our unconditioned, non-ventilated, indoor storage unit to gather boxes we saved from our last move . . . seven months ago. After our third trip with a car-load of boxes back to our apartment, Richard and I went for ice-cream and a stroll around a nearby lake (see here and here.) As an aside, one of the things I learned years ago was the importance of taking “mini” breaks from the stresses of moving, no matter how crunched you are for time.  Those breaks will carry one through many tense moments, stressed-out psyches, emotional breakdowns, and frayed nerves.  

Today our focus has been on getting Richard ready to move with his essentials into an apartment half-way across the country.  We are already tired and dreading the time apart. On the other hand, I’m excited to get on with it and get this piece (moving) behind us.  Now that I’ve had my little break (I could really go on for hours about all the details that are wreaking havoc at the moment, but it all sounds so mundane, the stuff of every move, so I’ll spare you the drama) it is time for me to get back to work.

BTW, it is raining hard and steady outside at the moment.  Temperatures are dropping. YAY!  Y’all have a great day. 🙂


18 thoughts on “The Moving Begins!

  1. Cecelia, I was just recalling yesterday leaving our home where we lived from March 1974 to March 2006 to come to our condominium building where we still reside. Somehow, two things got forgotten – in the above-the-kitchen-sink overhead cabinets: 1) a recipe-size round shallow pale green casserole dish with cream color on the inside, and a cream lid with pale green center handle that was a wedding present from my youngest sister and her husband, and 2) a mahogany wood salad bowl with a matching wide wood spoon and wide wood fork + 6 individual wood serving size salad bowls that I brought back from St. Thomas following my July 1970 14-day sailing trip on the windjammer Maverick. To this day, I miss having them. But we do love our condo. It was time for us to leave and come here.

    My best wishes for success with your forthcoming move.

    1. Thanks Barbara. I’ve lost things here and there along the way, too. Most of the time I eventually forget about it, but when losing something of sentimental value I always “miss” it. Sorry for your losses, but gald that the condo life style wors for you. I’ll keep posting–sporadically–about the move. I’ll be glad when September is here and Richard and I are back together again!

    1. Thanks! I am good about taking the breaks when I share them with Richard. He will be gone for five weeks however, so I will have to work at being more mindful about self-care. Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll let you (and the world!!! hahaha) know how it goes. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rebekah. I’ll be glad when this stage is behind me and we are back together in Cleveland. I’ll keep everyone posted on how we’re moving along! 🙂

  2. good luck!
    Yes, breaks can be very important.

    I know in last 2 weeks, I have some health issues, and if there wasn’t time with my husband, in morning or evening-I would go crazy.

    1. Hope your health issues are not too serious. My best to you for a speedy recovery. And yes, I know what you mean about having time with your husband. Richard leaves today and I won’t see him again until the end of August. I will miss him.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Cecelia I clicked back to your post about your Marshmallow Fit. It was a cutie! I so understand the car thing. I am a gal that loves her cars. I get attached to them and we do name our vehicles. One is called Casper the other simply Ford. We have thought about going down to two cars too but haven’t quite got there. My husband is always home, we are both home and 99% of the time when we go somewhere it is together. That luxury of two cars is a hard habit to break. We moved often like you and while I got used to what had to be done and all the hurdles that had to be jumped I never felt like it got easier. I told the Husband I didn’t want to move again but in truth I know there will probably be one more. Hope all is well there and you are getting things packed and in order. And I will be glad for September when you two are together again. It is no fun to be apart that long but I know you are handling it! Thinking about you……

    1. Thank you for your comments! I do hope this is the last move for us. I’m getting too old for this kind of stuff! I, too, will be glad when we are back together again. We will both be very busy in the interim, so the time should fly by. Thank you for your good thoughts!

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