Today’s Hot! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot)

It is too hot to go outside.  WAY too hot.  I wanted to get some shots for this week’s challenge however, and my daughter’s photo prodded me to go this route.  We have an indoor/outdoor thermometer. The top number is the temp out on our balcony, the middle number is the temp inside our apartment, and the bottom number is the time of day (in this case morning).  We are headed for another scorcher!

But, I also have photos of flowers that were shot in July–oranges, reds and yellows–all hot colors. Soooo, I’m sharing those as well:

Personally, I can handle “hot” flowers much better than “hot” temperatures.  I hope you are managing to enjoy your summer, and finding ways to keep cool!



26 thoughts on “Today’s Hot! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carl. I think that I would prefer Miami right now. At least one can expect some relief from the ocean breezes. As to the flowers, little editing was done. They are truly brilliant flowers without me having to mess with them. The one next to the last was minipulated the most to change the color from deep magenta to a more orangy/fiery look, but the others were not changed except to give a little more definition.

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