The Call of the Beach

It started out as a typical lazy Sunday. We observe the Sabbath, Saturday, and Sunday is our usual day for housecleaning, clothes-washing, bills-paying, and any other “ing” that needs doing. (Sleeping in late, going about our work in a lakadasical way is what makes our Sundays “lazy.”) If we get our “ing” work done early enough, we might take a drive in the country or head into the district (Washington, DC) to stroll down the National Mall or grab a bite at Eli’s.

Yesterday however, we were restless and wanted to do something different. We won’t be living in this area much longer and we have a LONG list of things to do and places to see still. Finally about mid-afternoon we decided to take a drive to the shore, something we’ve talked about since moving to the metro-DC area. After all, it’s only a couple of hours drive from here . . . or so we thought. Actually it took us closer to four hours so we didn’t arrive at the beach proper until around 6:00pm.

The beach? Rehoboth! When the kids were young and still at home, the family used to vacation at Rehoboth each summer. This was my first return there since my divorce years ago. It was Richard’s first visit. And even though it was late in the day, we had great fun walking along the boardwalk as well as along the sandy beach watching the waves roll in. We spent some time there, drove through the quaint, beautiful town, then drove home, arriving around midnight. A delightful day!

We had a beautiful day for a drive, and saw lovely farmland in both Maryland and Delaware.

The following are at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

My Man!

Even as we turned homeward, we were greeted with a dazzling sight to cap off our day!


24 thoughts on “The Call of the Beach

  1. The “shore” Only silly Yankees from New Jersey or New York call it that. So you must really be inlanders if it’s a 4 hour drive. This is Miami, missy and I’ve been at the beach for 57 of my 62 years. That’s in a figurative sense because there is very little in the way of public beaches as the condos for the multi rich have invaded the shore. OK. So I said shore. I am not supposed to wish harm on others so let’s just say “I would not mind” if the next hurricane knocked down 40 miles of beach condos like a string of mere dominoes.

    1. šŸ™‚ I’ve always lived in inland, but as a child, the Gulf was the nearest we were to a real beach (Louisiana). Our day-trip made for a lovely, relaxing day. Sorry to hear about all the condos. One reason we don’t live in Florida–lack of a job is the other reason! Thanks for stopping by. Have a glorious day.

  2. Great photos… It’s always interesting to read how people react to revisiting a place they haven’t been to in a long while… It’s all quite beautiful! šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. This was a spontaneous trip and made for a fun day together. For the next weeks we are going to be crazy busy with the move and everything else going on in our lives, so this seemed like the thing to do. Glad we did. As always, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Cecelia lovely photos and great memories for me. I am so happy you got to take in Rehobeth again and Richard was introduced to the “shore” and the boardwalk. Oh how I love the boardwalk! Have you been to the Torpedo Factory? Is it still there. We left DC in 1992.

    1. It was a great day. šŸ™‚ No, haven’t been to the Torpedo Factory. Another day. We will be leaving this area soon, I’m sad to say. So much to do here. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Nothing beats a day by the water. Lovely pictures for sure. Last night hubby and I hopped on the motorcycle and toured the area we live in…so many beautiful crops. You could smell the corn in the air and you knew when lakes were nearby just by the smell of the air.

    1. Ooooh, I love the smell of corn and sweetgrass, and lakes and rivers. I used to ride motocycles quite a bit, and remember the fun. LOVED it. Thanks for sharing your comments. Much appreciated.

  5. Cecilia, what a wonderful blog post to share with us about your outing. Perhaps I missed something — where are you moving to? Saying goodbye to the current world and opening your arms to a new environment is so out of the comfort zone and so wonderful!

    1. Yes, we are moving to another state (job related), back to the place where we got married years ago. We have talked frequently about retiring there (lots of family and friends) so when Richard received the job offer he grabbed it! However, the “discomfort” for the next two months will be intense as we pack, close up everything here, I continue with my course work, and we move! Oy. . . In the end, it will be wonderful, I am sure. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress (as much as possible.)

    1. Thanks. It was a fun day. Everyone should do that from time to time: a spontaneous trek somewhere you’ve always wanted to go! I appreciate your comments. Thank for stopping by.

  6. Sounds like a truly wonderful day, and I’m glad you took that trip. Isn’t it great to do something spontaneous like that every now and then, when possible?! Gorgeous pictures too … This all reminds me of how grateful I am to live as close to the ocean as I do … a few minutes’ walk.

    Take it easy… šŸ™‚

    1. It had been years since I was last there. Suddenly, with our upcoming move, we are trying to squeeze in visits to every place on our “to visit” list. We won’t make them all, but I’m glad we made this trip. It brought back many fond memories.

    1. Ramoncito! It’s good to see you back. The beach was wonderful that day. We are moving so it was the last chance to enjoy the ocean. Glad you enjoy the photos. Thanks for stopping by, and welcome back! How was your trip?

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