I’m Back!

My classes have ended for the quarter and now I have three glorious weeks of R&R before I start-up again!  I plan to enjoy the time, take lots of photos, write blogs, visit friends and family, sew, travel, read, lose weight, learn a language, (somebody please stop me), play, and generally have a good time.

While I was away, a wonderful, insightful, reflective and inspirational blogger gifted me with three blog awards!  That was nice to come back to.  🙂  So, Elizabeth (check out her blog at Mirth and Motivation when you get a chance), I thank you for taking time to give me a pat on the back.  For all of my blogging buddies, I would like to share these awards with you, too, so take one or three, award images to your blog, and link back to me if you please.  There is a lot of talent in these pages, and the awards are one way to acknowledge those whom we appreciate and learn from.


Thanks again, Elizabeth, for the awards.  🙂

I was asked to share seven things about myself, but since I’ve done that before, I will just link you to that blog.

If you decide to accept these awards, copy them to your blog, tell us about yourself, share with 15 or more of your blogging buddies, and link back to this site!  Thanks for stopping by.

12 thoughts on “I’m Back!

    1. Thank you Rebekah! After reading this post, I decided the heck with the “to do” list, and I am going to take the R&R! 🙂 Leisurely writing, recreational reading, photography. . . that’s about it. You are a marvelous model of living in the present, enjoying the moment, “seeing” wonder in your environment. Thank you for the example you set. Very life-affirming. Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by.

  1. Ceceliafutch- welcome back, how did you do on all of your studies? Good I hope. It’s so nice to see your face too.

    1. Thanks for asking Jackie. The hard work paid off and I did quite well. Now I have a break for a few weeks. We are on the road but I will try to keep up with the blogging. It’s nice of you to stop by. Enjoy your day!

    1. Elizabeth is fantastic! She ALWAYS inspires and motivates me.

      Glad you like the thankful post. AND, glad you paused long enough to leave a comment. 🙂 Have a glorious and wonderful day!

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