A New Theme . . . Again!

I really liked my last theme, however it looked too busy.  This has a cleaner, leaner, simpler look to it.  That seems to be a theme in my life right now.  Keep it simple.  Get rid of the superfluous.  Concentrate on the main thing. . .what ever that happens to be.  So, here it is.  What do you think?  This may be the one, but then I said that about the last theme, too.  But I mean it this time.  This may really be the one!


18 thoughts on “A New Theme . . . Again!

  1. It’s very nice. I’ve changed so many times … and each time they release a new one, I want to try it. I like the ones that you can customize a little, like this. Right now I’m using one called Mystique.

    1. I like your theme. It is very nice. I always like the new themes I try, but they grow old after a while. This theme, “duster”, is less confusing and much easier to read. And the photos are not competing with each other since there is only one column now. Thanks for taking time to read and to leave a comment. Much appreciated!

      1. Most of them have too narrow main column, for my taste. They could be wider. I too, have removed the right sidebar for the moment … for that reason.

        There are a few, really wide ones, but they have such ugly desgin so I can’t stand them..

    1. I am illiterate about some of this stuff. What exactly do you mean by navigation aids? There is a search box at the top right of the page. At the bottom one can find the archives. Is there something else? Please help me! LOL! Any and all suggestions are most welcome!

      1. Sorry, Cecelia. I didn’t scroll down far enough to see them.

        Those are the type of things I meant by navigational aids ~ archives, category clouds, etc.

        1. Ok, thanks. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. It’s fun to rearrange from time to time. Each time I change the theme, I learn something new.

  2. I love the freedom to pick new themes! There are such a wide variety and I love adding a new look. For me, it’s like moving around furniture in my house. Same stuff, new location, good feel, fresh feeling!

    1. Thanks Doris. I’m glad you like it. I have finally found “The One” I think. The fonts are from typekit.com. The headings are “Good Dog New” by Fonthead, and the other stuff (body) is “Museo Sans” by exilibris Font Foundry. They are found at typekit. I haven’t figured out how to enlarge the name of the blog in the header, but hopefully I’ll figure it out.

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