Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

I took a break in my studies and grabbed the camera to venture out for a photo shoot.  I intended to keep my eyes peeled for anything round!  As I walked through the kitchen to grab a bottle of water to take with me, I glanced at the kitchen table, stopped in my tracks, studied it for a few minutes, then started shooting.  Once again I find that there really is no need to go far afield to find settings or scenes that are photo worthy.  This is my kitchen table; nothing fancy, no artificial lighting, no photo-shopping, just kitchen stuff on my kitchen table.

It occurs to me that this is an allegory for life.  Too often we look “out there” for the most perfect, exciting, exotic, adventuresome life we can find while all the time the simple items that are “in here,” that sit on our internal table, are enough.  In fact, the simpler is often the better.  So today I will take time to contemplate my internal “kitchen table” and the items that rest therein.  There is enough, and it is plenty.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

    1. Yes. For many of us a lesson to be learned oftentimes taking a life-time. Regardless of how long it takes one to figure that out, the journey to that conclusion is well worth the effort.
      As always, thanks for stopping by and lingering long enough to comment. Much appreciated.

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