Weekly Photo Challenge, Post-A-Week 2011: Refuge

These are not my best photographs, not even close.  But each in its own way portrays some aspect of “refuge,” at least to this photographer’s eyes.

I shot these about thirty minutes ago from my balcony perch.  I look forward to sitting on my “porch” with my first cup of coffee of the day while watching the sun rise. . .when the weather gets warmer.  Living in Virginia, I expect warmer weather to arrive earlier in the spring than I’ve been used to during the past few years.  Can’t wait.

Our cat, Pele, in her old age has taken to snuggling under the covers when she naps, which is most of the day.  Usually we only see a tail, or when she is completely burrowed in, we see a slight bump indicating that something is under the covers.  I’m sure that here she thinks she is completely hidden from view.  Ahhh, the life of a cat.

I shot this one last summer with my little Olympus point-and-shoot camera.  The other photographs today were taken with my Pentax DSLR, with a Tamron lens.  I find it interesting that of the photos posted today, this one is my favorite.  Just goes to show that it’s not the expensive equipment that makes the photograph! But then  maybe this photo is my favorite because it depicts a place of refuge for me.


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