A Little R & R From the Studies!

One of the things that my husband I like to do is take walks (or hikes) in area parks near our home.  Since moving to the beautiful state of Virginia however, we have not had the time to explore and find our favorite walking places like we did in Maryland.  Today that changed.  Late in the day, Richard tore me from my studies for a little “R&R” and we drove fifteen or twenty minutes to a nearby park that we have intended to explore since first moving here.  Even though the sky was overcast and the daylight hours were waning, we discovered a new “favorite” place.  I look forward to going back frequently as long as we live in Virginia.  Due to the fact that I do have to get back to my studies though, I will let the photos suffice for the verbiage, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words–or some such thing.  Enjoy Burke Lake!  I’m sure there will be more of where these came from in the future.


Notice all the languages.

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